“Blue is the Warmest Colour” (based on the graphic novel of the same title) is an interesting movie but I would suggest to watch it at the cinema or at least while drinking a cup of coffee because otherwise those who love action and tension are going to fall asleep.

Movie gourmets will be enjoying this movie. Adele, a character I liked the most, is so organic and unadorned. She inspires to be oneself. It is a great pleasure to observe Adele, even when she is talking mouthful or blushes when someone starts talking to her in the bar. I am not sure yet but I think that it is possible to fall in love with her or her acting which is very convincing so here comes the question – maybe the actress is playing herself?

Sometimes you want to put away an annoying hair lock of her forehead or even to accelerate the entire movie. Is it necessary to show Adele roasting dumplings? Slow film lovers will say that I do not understand something but it seems to me that a good film is like a good book which has to be without unnecessary words, without expressions like “oh, but, wow” which can be found in this movie. Lying on the bed looking at the ceiling, zoomed faces, boredom during literature lessons –A. Kechiche, the director of a movie, is not rushing anywhere. He gives a chance to feel the life, to be together with Adele in each uncomfortable pause and feel the tension before the first kiss. Maybe I should not be kissing? Maybe I will be rejected?


So … if you had enough patience to read this, you probably would be able to watch the entire movie. On the outside, Adele’s life is the same as other students’ – more important than lessons is to discuss who is everyone looking at and who will be sleeping together. Adele’s teenage mission is not to find herself because she already knows what she wants but to find a place and people who would not declaim her against the love to a girl with blue hair. Not only the stranger’s hair, eyes, feather-bed but even a dress which was worn by Adele during the extremely important day, everything in this movie is blue and has a blue mood but it does not mean that the movie is glum. Even the love scenes seem to be blue, gentle. Of course, lesbian. Yes, lots of sex scenes which are extremely beautiful. People who said that it is “shocking” are puritans or the lucky ones who have never been confronted with vulgarity which can be found in porn movies. Open, aesthetic, and much longer love scenes than expected. Was it necessary to show them? If yes, the same question could be given to the entire movie.

The story requires patience and attention. As a reward you get characters that stay in your thoughts after the movie, probably for a long time. After some time characters are going to settle down, they will stop wriggling in love misery. In your memory stays just a blue painting telling a story about a true women’s love.

The movie got a Golden Palm (Palme d’Or) for directing. The main actresses Adèle Exarchopoulos and Lea Sedoux also were exceptionally both awarded. The movie was nominated for the Golden Globe and got many other international awards. It was chanted between the critics and became a synonym for the lesbian relationship. It is like a live illustration encouraging the empathy. We need many more movies like this.

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