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Paloma Faith became very popular in 2007 and her distinctiveness lays in her retro style, vivid hairstyle, beautiful smile, good sense of humor, lovely British accent and an amazing voice.

This British singer, songwriter, actress is more and more often invited to international talk shows not just to sing but also to talk about herself. She is compared with Marilyn Monroe, Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga. In one of her interviews she claimed she is happy that others compare her with these women but she is mostly inspired by Grace Kelly (actress, extremely beautiful woman, which in 1956 became Monaco’s princess).

Who is Paloma Faith? Get to know her. The beginning of career.

In 2007 she started the career when she was noticed because of her voice while she was backing vocal for soul and jazz singers like Etta Janes and Billie Holiday during her studies years. Even though the start was hard and didn’t go well in 2008 she recorded her first song “It’s Christmas (And I Hate You)” together with Josh Weller.

You want the truth or something beautiful?

After she became a star, she started to make a lot of new singles which were popular not only in England: “Stone Cold Sober”, “New York”, “Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?”, “Upside Down”. At the end of 2009 she told about her first music tour in England and Ireland in 2010 March. The Times wrote that this tour is theatrical but also full “religion of rock” and emotional voice which is like a diamond in her personality. This is how her first album “Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?” was released.

When concerts have started she was being invited to live broadcasts, talk shows where she sang her songs with pleasure. Soon in 2011 she was nominated as the best British solo singer. During awards she came out with her new single “Forget you” which she sang next to Cee Lo Green. After the event she was asked to sing with stars like Elton John, Bill Ryder – Jones, Plan B.

In 2012 her second album “Fall the Grace” came up. Later she told that the album is ”A personal record from one of her life periods”. The album was in the second place in England. The first song on the album “Picking Up The Pieces” debuted in 7th place. The artist was very happy because it was her first song which was in the top 10. In April 2012 she joined ”The Voice UK” as guest and helped Danny O’Donoghue prepare his students for performances. In July she joined campaign “Out4Marriage” which fights for same sex marriages. She said she is proud of it.

During the same month she went to the USA and signed a contract with “Epic Recordds”. The company was very happy that Paloma accepted and announce it as “resonant era’s soul avatar”. At the end of 2012 her album “Fall To Grace” became platinum and she won ”the Best female artist” and “the BEST album of a year” awards in BRIT Awards”. In 2013 she started to record her third album.

Actress career

Paloma Faith is also an actress. You can see that from her music videos:

  1. In 2007 she played thief role in BBC channels’ drama about policemen „HolbyBlue“.
  2. In Terry Gilliam’s fantastic movie “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” (2009) she played Sally, the devil’s girlfriend (actor Tom Wats).
  3. In horror movie ”Dread” she was Klar Thornhill.
  4. Her larger role was as cabaret dancer called Geotgia in 2013 in “P. G. Wodehouse’s Blandings” (episode “The Crime Wave at Blandings). After audition for the role she said that in her opinion they didn’t know she was acting. In audition she was told that they liked her interpretation of character. Then she told them she was just being herself.

Interesting facts

  1. In 2012 Paloma Faith was carrying The Olympic Torch with a little bit improved sportswear, even thought that wasn’t allowed. Here what she did: shortened t-shirts so that we could see her nude belly and shortened her too long trousers. Next to this she was wearing red high-heels which were called by press killer shoes”. Later in interview she claimed that everyone should do what rules say and respect other people. However, even though she is a decent person she usually does everything in her own way.
  2. After parents divorced she grew up with her mum. In one of the interview she said that in her family all women are sympathetic and know fashion. That inspired her passion for fashion and clothes. She changed her style a lot and that was the one of problems during school years. Now when she is a star she can dress up like she wants.
  3. She is half Spain, half English.
  4. She started to sing in the cabaret clubs.
  5. She worked as ghost in ghosts’ train, agent’s provoker or wizards assistant.
  6. Her favorite dish is Japanese “Dim Sum”.
  7. Paloma never thought she will become famous. Singing was her hobby and the source of income.


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