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Most people today could not imagine their life without a mobile phone, digital TV, internet, tablet, economical car and many other convenient time-saving technologies.

What we recently called science fiction now opens up absolutely new opportunity of using technology and communications to here and now. “Google Glass” project is one more step forward that transferring many things to the human field of vision. It is extremely lightweight and strong individual design glasses which have a large part of smart phone features: it can record videos, take pictures and share video or photo online, get information from the Internet. Voice command operates glasses to make a call, record and send messages to friends.

Now there is no need to have the GPS navigator – you can see the selected route always in front of you directly, with references to alternative roads, too. If you have not a tour guide at all times, “Google Glass” can tell a number of significant facts about the saw objects, or any other information you care about. Augmented reality glasses will also translate the inscription in a foreign language, will provide information about weather conditions, remind you of planned appointments or works and will make a lot of other functions required in everyday modern human world. In other words, “Google Glass” is like a having a personal assistant.

The “Google Glass” has a tiny 640×360 display on which the image, due to short distance from the eye, look like a 70-inch TV. In the eyeglasses is integrated 5-megapixel camera and 16 GB memory – 12 GB of these capacity users will be able to use in their requirements. Memory data are synchronized by Google’s storage online. The glasses’ small translucent screen is just above the eye. It is operated by a sensors installed on a frame. “We wanted to install the display above the eye. Glasses are designed in the way to augment the seeing scene, not to block it”, – said S. Brin, one of Google’s founders. The glasses weigh less than most usual sunglasses.

Glasses use Bluetooth and wireless for connection. “Google Glass” can be connected to the network, or use your Smartphone as a bridge of connection. Device makers claim that the rechargeable battery power will be sufficient for the whole day, and it can be loaded using a Micro USB cable.

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In “Google Glass” it is built-in a microphone to accept a voice command of user. Glasses have adjustable size with several types of nose clips, which will be adjusted according to buyer face and nose shape. So far, the modern device is not fitted for people wearing glasses with diopters, but Google says that later models can be suitable for visually impaired persons. In frames and glasses lenses installed camera system, and LED light and color signals, in which domestic articles and people faces would be encoded, would help for visually impaired man to feel better surrounding. According to developers, this type of smart glasses would be able to read newspapers at sound – identified text would be recorded and broadcasted through special headsets.

About Google Glass benefits it could be telling more and more. However, whether for all this innovative device associated with convenience. Unfortunately, the opponents have various opinions: some believes that these glasses will make life less private, others – that people will become most dependent on technology in everyday tasks, for others – it is too futuristic and weird.

U.S. lawyer, Timothy Toothey, said that contrasting views are not only at the beginning because a new way of using smart devices can cause more confusion and litigation.
Legislators have questions, if persons who use “Google Glass” will threaten for the road safety for others as well as private life. West Virginia lawmakers previously banned to write short text messages driving a car, however, allowed using hands-free equipment. Some lawmakers now have questions on “Google Glass” for use while driving.

Many expressed the view that recording everything that happens around without any permits and it publish on the Internet can damage a person’s right to privacy. In Seattle of California in U.S. is located bar “5 Point Café” – this is the first institution that prohibited the use of the new Google product, despite the fact that it still did not even trade. Bar owner, Dave Meinert, explained that the bar is visited by lots of different people as well as technology buffs (which, it is likely, will use “Google Glass” as soon as it goes on sale). The new Google device will have a video camera and a microphone, it will be able to record a video and take pictures. All this will be possible to do insensibly and may violate others privacy. In Mr. Meinert opinion, not all the people are ready to be filmed secretly in a touchy or even funny situation without their permission, especially anyone wouldn’t like to find compromising information on the Internet or social network. Also, the bar owner admitted that he is not prejudiced against the new Google work and do not consider it bad or harmful, but the people in the bar with these glasses are not welcome.

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, at the performance in HarvardUniversity, urged not to judge “Google Glass” in advance and allow to developers from around the world submit their software solutions which could offer a whole range of interesting and useful features that exploit the future glasses opportunities. “Our goal is to make the world a better place. We listen to criticism but this often sounds of those who are just afraid of changes or so who do not understand. We hope that over time the public see benefits and convenience of this device”, – he told.

It is worth recalling, that “Google Glass” is not yet publicly sold – these glasses are for only elects who are engaged in new product testing and intended for software development. It is predicted that they will be on sale at the end of 2013 or beginning of 2014. Glasses may cost over 1500 dollars.

In summary, Google’s smart glasses are really fantastic device which in one or another way will be productive as many other new technologies were. On the other hand, users can so strongly identify themselves with the online connections that between them differences in concepts may disappear – reality and virtuality, which may lead the public to major social problems. Just do not forget that although new technologies and facilitates make our life more convenient, it is better to use them only when really necessary. Do not let the digital innovation to overshadow our real life.

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