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When supermarkets are gradually setting Christmas decorations and we reluctantly start humming Jingle Bells song, we come up with idea that maybe this year is worth escaping from the daily routine and celebrating New Year’s Eve in some foreign country.

The New Year is one of the best celebrations in the world which is related to fun and the fresh start in life.  Our goal is to offer you to move your New Year celebration in foreign countries where you will be able to see cultural disparities and exotica instead of boring daily routine.

1.  Madeira, Portugal

Madeira is one of the most beautiful and spectacular islands that belongs to Portugal. Although this island is as beautiful as Sicily and Mallorca, it is still not crowded with tourists. In Madeira you can taste delicious vine, enjoy unique landscape and spectacular New Year celebration.

2006 Madeira was written into the Guinness Book of Records for the biggest New Year firework show in the world. Local people and tourism agencies can take you on the sea where you will be able to see the firework show. It is a unique view which lights up the sky and takes the breath away. Island inhabitants and tourists are celebrating all night by using local traditions. One of Portuguese tradition is that with every stroke of a clock meaning that the new hour just began, they have to eat one hand of grapes and make a wish. This means that one wish will come true every month of the New Year.

2. Chiang Mai, Thailand

For those who want exotica and heat, Thailand is exactly the right place. Chiang Mai is culturally important city in northern Thailand, which is surrounded by mountains and the Ping River. This city is full of historical sights and modern architecture. Chiang Mai is a place not only for the wealthy, but also for the needy.

The New Year celebration In Thailand is noisy and mixed with food fiesta. The biggest New Year celebration around the Northern Thailand takes place in the city of Chiang Mai. Live music, dainties, carnival and festal fireworks are just details, which the city of Chiang Mai can offer.


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3. Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik is not only the capital of Iceland but also the biggest city in the country. Although the population of the country is small, the cultural life is well developed. Despite its small population, Reykjavik is a place, where you can experience an exclusive New Year celebration.

If you wish to hear loud music and fireworks, Reykjavik is not suitable for you, though none of the countries do without these two things. The New Year celebration in Reykjavik attracts romantics and nature lovers, as it is a prime time to admire the charm of the Aurora Borealis. It is nature’s fireworks which will take your breath.


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4. Las Vegas, USA

Who has not heard about the capital of casino and a sin city called Las Vegas? If you desire glitter, lights, kitsch and madness, this place is exactly for you. Although the uproar and celebrations in Las Vegas last the whole year, the New Year celebration is really special.

The New Year in Vegas means merrymaking, concerts and performances. The most spectacular things are shown at the New Year’s night. The best thing to do is to settle there, where you can see the entire city, because the view is taking the breath. It is the craziest night in the craziest city.


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5. State of Goa, India

Sun, beach, drinks and snacks are unlikely to the scenario of the New Year, yes? Believe me, you really can experience this. For those who got accustomed to snowmen and fur coats, we would like to offer an alternative – Goa beaches in India. There the sun will revitalize your white skin and the ocean will remind you that in winter you can not only to have a bath.

Dancing on the beach and drinking cocktails under the palm that is exactly what attracts tourist to see the New Year in India. Parties and fireworks just make the state of Goa more charming. It is a completely different experience. When celebrating this winter celebration in India we simply wear our swimsuits and the warm sand tickles our feet and if we were at home, we would be wearing coats and dancing on the parquet.


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6. Vienna, Austria

Those who desire to have a common New Year celebration should visit Austria. All people can find their niche, in which they will feel goo, because Vienna is suitable for everyone.

On the 31th of December Vienna’s old town is transformed into a huge kingdom of parties. In every café you will find shrub and dainties. Music fans will be able to indulge in concerts of classical music, rock spree or DJ performances which definitely will not leave anyone sad and dissatisfied. Those who desire rest and romance should try cruise on Danube River.


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7. Tokyo, Japan

Despite a time of a year Tokyo, the capital of such goodies as technologies, labor power, comic and much more, attracts tourist. With a population of 12 million people Tokyo offers a lot of activities for tourists for the night of the New Year.

The New Year in Tokyo and Europe are celebrated simultaneously, so you will not be out of conceit. At midnight, you will hear 108 bell sounds from Buddhist’s temples, symbolizing human sins, which you have to get rid of before the New Year starts. Despite all the programs at the clubs, concerts, fireworks and flashlights, which are offered in Tokyo during the New Year celebration, you can also participate in such unconventional things like the singing competition of red and white teams. You will definitely not get bored.


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8.  Moscow, Russia

For those who are yearning for contrasts we would like to offer to visit snowed in Moscow during the New Year celebration.

The New Year is as huge celebration in Moscow and takes place in its center in the Red Square, which holds almost as much people, as the Times Square in New York. The culmination of a celebration – spectacular fireworks, which merge together with the city lights and takes the breath away. Moscow is full of luxurious restaurants and clubs, but you should not forget that they will make your purse shorter.


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9. Cape Town, the RSA

It is the first city founded by Europeans in South Africa. This city is famous for its “Table” Mountain and the Cape of Good Hope. The summer season in the RSA starts in December, so Cape Town is not suitable for those, who like to celebrate the New Year by making snowmen and throwing snow wisps.

The New Year in Cape Town like in everywhere else is accompanied by fireworks and flourish but it is not everything what this city can offer. Wonderful restaurants, breath taking views from the top of the “Table” Mountain and endless dancing fiesta at the night clubs. The day after the New Year the people celebrate the carnival of “Minstrel”, which has old traditions. This carnival originated in the 19th century when the second day of January was the only day off for slaves, who celebrated it dressed with gorgeous clothes, loud music and spree.


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10. Dubai, the UAE

Dubai is an extremely luxurious city of gold, money and oil. The high cost of living, ideal architectural solutions and favorable attitude towards the infidels has led to immigration, which brought frenzied celebration of the New Year.

In Dubai you can take up endless New Year celebration activities. The most spectacular is the firework from the tower of Burj Khalifa. This activity is fully organized and is the most impressive in the world. Dubai is full of modern buildings and the beauties of nature, which especially entrance during the New Year celebration. Entertaining activities, which can be seen in Dubai, are acrobatic and world-famous DJ performances, live music concerts and that is just a drop in the bucket in comparison, what this city prepared for the New Year celebration.


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Where do you think is the best place to celebrate New Year?

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