© Haruhiko Kawaguchi

A Japanese photographer Haruhiko Kawaguchi takes pictures of couples he meets in nightclubs. It seems – so what? Many photographers take pictures of couples.

However, Haruhiko does it extremely unusually. Moreover, his approach is highly philosophical and makes people ask “What is love?”. The answer may come from his photographs.

In his photographs love becomes something sealed and fresh like vacuumed pieces of meat. Haruhiko says that love is the most important thing in life. Thus, how to keep love in one’s life? Well, symbolism of the pictures speaks for itself – a couple is sealed in a plastic bag and this way it stays close together for a long time. It is supposed to stay fresh as well. But on the other hand, couples in those vacuum bags seem to be bizarre and distorted, so maybe such closeness is indeed unhealthy?

Either way, it is an interesting photography project. It has many interpretations and definitely makes you think: would you dare to be in these photographs?



flesh love duo 8 iIHIH

flesh love duo 6 iIHIH

flesh love duo 4 iIHIH

© Haruhiko Kawaguchi

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