Making a list of just ten games is really hard.

To make this sort of list for widely audience, which from the gamer point of view looks like the grey mass, is harder.  Let me explain, in this case grey mass doesn’t mean anything bad or negative. In games, like and in everything, especially bright plot’s and genre’s diversity exist. We can play games in different systems and usually you can guess consumers’ expatiation by considering their age, already experienced adventures and experience of gaming. Every publication which is for gamers more or less know their audience, so list which they made will be more or less accurate. In this way, there is nothing left for me like just present ten games which are impressive, valuable and easily available. But the most important thing which I take into account is the question “are they good enough to be the guide of magical world of games?”

Active, controlled by moves games 

Probably everyone heard about these games after “Nintendo Wii” and “Kinect” appendages appeared. But this is not a total novelty. These games exist more than decade now. We were dancing on special carpets and washing windows ahead of low resolution internet’s cameras, so we were able to move but moves were very specific. Now, games controlled by moves can be very various thanks to “Kinect”, “PlayStation” and “Nintendo Wii” appendages. From banal bowling which almost all know to intricate, educational or psychical conditional making better fitness programs. If you are going to start morning exercises or evening with party’s dances I recommended interest in “Just Dance”, “Zumba Fitness” and “Your Fitness Evolved” series’ games.

Skylanders’ series

Games don’t  necessarily negatively effect children if used properly. The main point of the computer games is to open the window to the fantasy world and we don’t think that this can be harmful. Unless you encourage your kids to play games in order to have a peaceful moment for yourself. This tactic is effective but you shouldn’t be surprised if later your child will be happier in the fantasy world and not with you.  In this case you should try another way, which was proved to be effective for many years – play together! You should start with the impressive “Skylanders”. This is a classical game of adventures in which heroes with fist and pure heart are solving local problems and children meet with main games’ rules. You must get special figures which are animated in virtual world if you want play “Skylanders”. Every figure is a different character which has own trick’s arsenal and character. These toys seem to be alive so you can play even if your computer is turned off.


Can games be art? This is relatively new dispute between game’s fans and art’s critics. Both sides have their arguments but the art concept is so vague that we will never get the direct answer. But when you play this game you understand that there is no point in discussing this. It is important what you feek while you are watching one or another work. In this case, it is peace. Sometimes even gamers can’t call “Journey” a game. This is interactive journey into yourself, or opposite, the journey to somewhere else. This is the perfect sound, image and playing synthesis. This is the therapy. Maybe it sounds strange but when you play “Journey” you felt a better person.

Alan Wake

I recommend “Alan Wake” for horror and thrillers fans. This game is usually called in video games world Twin Peaks but in my opinion it is closer to S. King’s work, well, probably it is between one and the other. Action and mystery of the game really reminds Twin Peaks’ atmosphere but the most similar is the sound. The soundtrack is the main source of horror and concern. This is the story about cult writer Alan Wake who is languishing by a creative block and went for rehabilitation to Bright Falls city. Soon after he arrived weird and mystical things started to begin. Alan, for sure, is in epicenter of these accidents and he realizes that these nightmares are from his own written novel. From novel which he can’t remember…

Total war series

This is for those who like to create strategies and for those who like honour. This is a double layer strategic games series in which you can create your own dynasties and empires in strategic dimensions and when the war begins you can command for the battles. This deep but not hard to understanding game is interesting for historical reasons and for action. Series start historically strictly but the future depends on you. More familiar part for Lithuanians is the „Medieval II: Total War“ with exploitation of „Kingdoms“ where is the Grand Duchy of Lithuania is a company. Anyway, not less interesting are „Napoleon: Total War “ dedicated to Napoleon and „Shogun 2: Total War“ which is about Shogun wars and we don‘t know much about them. Every part of the has integrated encyclopedias, authentic fighting units and battles, which usually is used by the movies makers.

Assassin‘s Creed series

These series are about mysterious killer clan which is fighting against Tamper’s Order for ages. For me this is drama based on city’s legends, famous conspiracy theories and historical facts. This drama allows you to live thought interesting and controversial humanity’s history. You can bother Borgia dynasty rise, criticize George Washington’s inefficiently and duplicity, supply corpses for Leonard da Vinci’s laboratory or drink tea in Constantinople with Suleiman Magnificent. The most important thing about this series is that many different people work while creating this game. They have different attitudes, culture and religion.  This way you can follow history from subtle and objective prism. In other words, you get facts and you can make findings by yourself. The creators also put attention to the architecture. Is probably the only way to see European’s renaissance epoch Rome or see bloody foundation of the USA.

Star Wars: The Old Republic 

I must include a game which caused mass psychosis. For many players it is called the MMO. This is an old genre which is famous (in good and in bad ways) thanks to the “World of Warcraft”. However, I want to recommend other game of this genre – “Star Wars: The Old Republic”. Recently it became free, so everyone can try it. The higher quality of sound and vision, cinematic plot, consistently integrated mechanical elements disclose and allow experiencing all features of this genre. The action of the game is in wonderful “Star Wars” galaxy, in which we choose republic’s or sit’s side. This platen is full of adventures and challenges and individual plot’s line lets join to the action without any discomfort. You can play this game all alone. You can travel, fight and learn until you will be ready for new game’s and social’s challenges.

Sid Meyer’s Civilization V

This is for history and chess fans again. This is one of oldest game’s series which is about twenty years old. In fact, I reserved this place for other legendary fantasy game series – Heroes of Might and Magic. But I changed my mind because last Heroes weren’t very successful…

Civilization V is quite simple and clear strategy game based on turns. You choose one of civilizations and try to make it powerful empire which would be example of harmony and happiness. The game is started from Stone Age and thanks to force, science, culture and religion we are trying to make impact for others and control the world.  Moderate temp and wide levels choices of this game made it like chess for everyone. But it is disclosed best when you play it with school – age children. You can meet your child with different cultures, old civilizations, social systems, religions and miracles of the world while the epochs are flying away.

Heavy Rain

This is for detective and adventures fans. This game is like the tiny line which separates movies and games. By the way some critics condemn “Heavy Rain” for that. But in fact, here lays classical action series formula. Critics, who are thirsty for dynamical action, just don’t want to admit that this formula exists. Boring start, game with children, teeth washing… These things look silly. But these actions are necessary in order to make the connection between the player and the hero. Soon family’s idyll (which is called idiotism by gamers) failed. The tragedy which ended with separation disturbed this idyll. Scars are healing but when hero’s son disappears old scars appear again. The rain has started and we know that son is in a room in which rain water is gathering. We have only a few days until he drowns or night and day full of adventures and strong emotions with the remote in our hands. This detective is explored with few bright characters and the end  only depends on you.


How does the modern brain teaser look like? “Portal” shows how! It is very simple and that’s why perfect “Valve’s” work which united many different genres games fans. Those who glorify brain teasers, thanks to “Portal” meet with traditional shuttle control, meanwhile those who can’t stand brain teasers gets to love them thanks to sarcasm and tasty plot. In fact, this is one of the unusual games which suit everyone. If you want to play it you must use logic and scientific thinking. If you play this game you are going to control inertia and pull, hear really good electronic music, understand the greatness of science and you are really going to find excuses for victims who were sacrificed on the altar of humanity evolution. Maybe you think that I am joking but facts talk for themselves. “Portal” is widely accredited by critics and it is obligatory for Wabash college students like good example of dramaturgy. Creators of this game have also made “learn with portals” program which is used for practical exercises by many teachers and lecturers in the whole world.

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