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Putin announced a partial (maybe even targeted or total mobilization) and even the supporters of the Z-war started to flee.

Some in Europe are starting to philosophize: “No, these are good men aged 18-60 who don’t want to go to the front-lines. We have to help them!”

But what will we “help” against? Temporarily to save them from Putin’s mobilization, but not from the hydra in power and the brainwashing that has seized Russia.

To help them become citizens, to say no to the hydra, no to the Z-war, when, according to the Levada Center, even before September there was (and apparently still is) a significant majority of Russians supporting the war.

Russians can and must stand up and say “No” to Putin, to the Z-War and to the genocide of the Ukrainian people in a massive and effective way.

Virginijus Sinkevičius © KaunoŽinios.lt photo.

They will not say “No” if men, and then their families, leave Russia en masse. They will physically move elsewhere, but will they move and change their views on Putin, aggression, and expansionist war?

Therefore, first and foremost, Europe must not think about admission, humanitarianism, and aid to those who can and must stop the monster in their own homeland, which they allowed to thrive. That is the price of freedom, democracy, and prosperity.

Secondly, the Levada Center‘s surveys are telling and recent: the Russians justified the Butch massacres, their troops tortured women, children, innocent civilians and committed other war crimes. I would not be surprised that many of those who want to flee now were and are great ‘ura-patriots’ of Russia and of this war.

Furthermore, who can deny the possibility that Putin, by threatening war on his own citizens, is trying to trigger a second migration crisis, to create a significant fifth column in the EU countries, and thus to try to split Europe. It didn’t work out with gas.

Putin has not yet been stopped by sanctions, he has not yet been stopped by western armaments, so what is needed is the word and action of the Russians themselves. But not beyond Russia’s borders.

Then there will be no more mobilizations because there will be no one to run from.

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