Amy Schumer © by Mario Santor Wikimedia Commons

Amy Schumer ¬- the funniest and the freshest face on the television, she is the comedy star, whose popularity is rapidly growing throughout the world. Amy is an amazing scriptwriter, actress and executive producer of the comedy series “Inside Amy Schumer”, which rocked the whole America. As soon as her series appeared in 2013, they suddenly became highly rated on the television.

Amy’s series differ from the others in terms of their structure, every episode is divided into segments of a different length, including stand-up episodes, short street interviews and longer ones with diverse noteworthy people discussing issues concerning sexuality and gender roles. What excludes Amy from the others is her frankness and her ridiculously freakish humour. On the basis of her own experience, she speaks up about the things that others only dare to think quietly to themselves. At this moment, there are 3 seasons of this comedy series, one of its episodes is called “12 angry men inside Amy Schumer” in which appear well-known actors like Paul Giamatti, Jeff Goldblum, John Hawkes, who argue over Amy, considering whether she is hot enough to be on the television. The series attracted the attention of many humour fans, as the topics dealt with in the episodes are the most relevant, even though in public those issues are rarely discussed.

From the very childhood Amy stood out from the others because of her sense of humour, in addition, she was active, charismatic, goal-orientated girl. At school she was nicknamed ‘class clown’ and called the teacher’s worst nightmare, since she was the biggest prankster. After finishing the university and graduating with a degree in theatre, Amy moved back to New York City to become an actress, where she has studied performing arts for several years at the same time working as a waitress. While working, she also managed to arrange comical performances to entertain the customers.

The role of comedian played by Amy is unapologetic and fearless, as she characterizes it herself. The actress is not afraid to use spicy phrases or to get into particularly awkward or unpleasant situations. Such viewpoint reveals her as a really mature and interesting personality. Amy is not trying to form the viewers’ opinion regarding the truths of life, she simply does what she likes and what seems funny for other people.

Even when somebody makes fun of her humour, Amy feels absolutely fine in her own skin. She states being exactly where she wants to be. The album of her humour reached the highest tops and, as being an amazing comedian, Amy Schumer herself and her works were nominated for various awards and she has already won several of them. Amy appeared on the big screens together with such actor as Price Check and famous actress Keira Knightley in the comedy “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World”. Furthermore, in the summer of 2015, a new American comedy “Trainwreck” hit the movie theatres with Amy at the forefront. The author of the movie is the comedian herself, she also debuted as the main character in it. The details of the plot of this comedy was kept as a secret for a long time until the movie saw the light of the day.

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