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Expressive, interesting and no doubt extremely talented artist Kaveh Ayreek decided to dedicate his life to the art of pantomime. At first he learned the art of miming by himself and now he voluntarily travels through war-torn Afghanistan schools and enthusiastically shares his talent with the students.

The talented actor Kaveh Ayreek regularly visits schools in Afghanistan. He is not just visually presenting the art of mime and teaches children how to perform. He also explains the importance of arts in life and teaches children how to express themselves by using performance of mime.

When Kaveh Ayreek was just a little boy, he spent his childhood in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, his mom and sister accidentally passed away, so Kaveh’s father took him and his brother to live in Iran. Kaveh grew up in Iran and then the troops of U.S. removed the radical Taliban regime in Afghanistan, Kaveh returned to live in his homeland. “Everything had changed because of war. Everything was destroyed and there was nothing” – he said.


A still from the video

Kaveh Ayreek says it is not so difficult to teach kids. He knows how to attractively present the art of mime and children are keen to learn new information in Afghanistan. “The children here are amazing, they are very talented. They were able to do some of the more complex things because they are so talented. Perform must start from a young age. The more they practice when they are young the faster they learn” – the actor said. The new generation in Afghanistan is clever. They do not see any horror of war; they do not have the war in their minds so they can learn new things easily and with such enthusiasm. According to Kaveh Ayreek:  “Kids are good to each other. It is just love and friendship.”


A still from the video

Kaveh Ayreek teaches the art of mime to children so well and with such enthusiasm that students often decide to become mime artists themselves. The boy from local Afghanistan school states that “I really liked the miming, where I did not have to talk. I was totally in control, there was no confusion or messing around. I liked it a lot” and the girl from the same school affirms that “I want to learn more. One day in the future I would like to be mime artist myself.”

The Afghan mime artist teaches not only children but also their teachers too. By showing the art of mime Kaveh Ayreek also shows them how to engage with students. According to Mohamad Haidari, the headmaster of local Afghanistan school: “Sometimes it is difficult to really teach children only through books. If we include the play in lessons at school, I think students understand the material much better. “

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