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Peace of mind, confidence and mystery – these words arise in front of eyes looking at the Canadian artist’s series of works called “Ashes and Snow”. It is a synthesis of artistic photographs, films and letters. In front of you is one man’s work, which received special interest because stands out against a history of photography.

Most people looking at these photographs could think that images are fabricated: half-naked children touching huge elephants, whales floating with young people, or a wild cat in woman’s lap. Such pictures mostly illustrating child and animal relationship look really uncommon. However, this is true. G.Colbert captures the proximity of people and global nature; at the same time he tries to blur the distinction between the present moment and eternity.

The artist had travelled around the world about ten years capturing people and various species of animals. It was used the moving and stationary camera to create these photographs, but as the most important tool Colbert identifies human eyes. All the original images are dark brown and sepia tones, painted with wax on handmade Japanese paper.

The first exhibition in 2002 attracted a lot of applause. One magazine called G.Colbert as a new talent: “A new master is born.” But the biggest success he attained in 2005. Then the United States specially designed structure – “Wandering Museum” – from carton and containers which were used in ships to transport goods. According to the author of the exhibition: “I wanted to create an open space and the 21st century church for the nature”. It seems that it succeeded because every day about 10 million people admired these works.

Although the exhibition “Ashes and Snow” is regarded as a great masterpiece of our age, G.Golbert isn’t well known. But it is not a reason for him to feel less appreciated: “star is a mask that eats our faces.” The artist didn’t intend to become a famous with his works, he just wanted to touch the inside of people, help them to return to the nature and look at it completely different.

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© Gregory Colbert

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