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#WelcomeRefugees – the program supporting war refugees in Canada.

“Open hearts and welcoming communities: it’s the Canadian way” – this is one of the slogans presented by the program. “The accommodation of the refugees is the part of Canada’s humanitarian tradition, which is very important and worth of pride. It reflects our commitment to Canadians and demonstrates to the world that we have a shared responsibility to help people who are displaced and persecuted”.

The humanitarian tradition of Canada is strong, indeed. The country helped Hungarian refugees in the 1950’s, in the 1970’s and 1980’s it supported South-East Asia and Muslim refugees. At present, everyone can join the program #WelcomeRefugees. Canadians can on the Internet find the way that suits them best. People are encouraged to contribute by volunteering, businessmen are also welcome to donate money and various goods, or to support the refugees by hiring them.

Liberal Party of Canada: “We will welcome more refugees from Syria to Canada”

According to Canada’s liberals, the majority of Canadians have already lent a helping hand to Syrian refugees and now it is high time federal authorities did the same and we are responsible for ensuring the safety of more war victims in Canada. The country has already welcomed 25 000 refugees and their plan is to accept even more of them in the future. In order to reach this aim, the government will invest $250 million.

From the very beginning of the conflict in Syria, Canada was the one actively speaking up for the aid for refugees. It helps to defend the human rights of Syrians and it has donated $969 million for the humanitarian help, safety and development so far.

 “Welcome to Canada, to the land of welfare”

That is what a little boy living in Canada wrote to the child of the refugees from Syria. It is one of 56 letters attached to the packages for the children of Syrian refugees that are anticipated to come at the end of February. The local people helped in preparing the packages, filling them with the stationary supplies donated: pens, coloured pencils, notebooks, glue, etc.

This is one of the stories which shows Canadian’s support for the refugees. As it can be noticed, not only the government is for the idea of welcoming and accepting those people. There are many other cases proving that the community is also very benevolent towards the war refugees.

One man brought a great number of school backpacks full of stationery supplies for the kids from Syria. The local dentist fixed the teeth of 5-year-old girl. A lot of people helped financially, some contributed by manufacturing furniture for refugees. With the help of social networks and plenty of people from Canada, the reporter of CBC news organized a fictitious wedding celebration for one couple of newly-weds from Syria, who did not have any photos from their real wedding, as the reporter found out after the conversation with them.

There are diverse ways to contribute to the aid for Syrian refugees. First of all, it is a donation of money or items, for instance, furniture, warm winter clothes or kitchen equipment. Moreover, the volunteering is another way to be beneficial, as volunteers help refugees to settle down, to take care of their children and to integrate in the society. They also provide translation services for the refugees, teach them English language and organize welcoming parties.

“As we have always said: we have done it before. We can do it again“. This phrase presented on the page of #WelcomeRefugees summarizes Canadian’s point of view to the refugee crisis. The part of the program called Lifeline Syria welcomes refugees enthusiastically. They believe that this is a unique possibility to show themselves and the world that Canada has the capability to develop as a country.

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