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China’s army is one of the strongest and biggest armies in the world whilst it’s parades are the most spectacular ones. Currently, there are about three million soldiers in China’s army who are ready to defend their country and ensure its safety.

China’s army is made up of land-force unit, marine fleet, armed air force as well as second artillery corps and a body of reserve. They are all important in order to ensure national safety. National service is mandatory to all men from the age of eighteen. Starting from the age of fourteen women may also register themselves for a national service as medics or technical supervisors.

Since 1949, every first day of October is commemorated as an Army’s Day.As army parade takes place during this day, the Chinese enthusiastically and eagerly wait for this holiday. During it, one may see marching soldiers, striking synchronicity of their movements, their discipline; you can hear sounds and rhythmical soldier’s steps likewise. Army parade is famous for its exclusive sights – people may see not only soldiers’ ammunition, technical equipment, clothing, butthey may see tanks, rockets, helicopters, fighter aircrafts – all the things China usually does not demonstrate.

In this video you can see China’s army marching, moreover, this marching is going to overwhelm you with its synchronicity. You will see marching of China’s Guard of Honour, Airborne Troops Square Array, Infantry Square Array, Marine Corps Square Array, Navy Cadet Square Array, Sailor Square Array and Women Militia Square Array.

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