© Dakh Daughters

Dakh Daughters Band – is an extraordinary band from Ukraine which consists of seven very charismatic women. Group members began their successful career in 2002 while performing in one of the most popular festivals in Ukraine named Gogolfest. Whereas, just recently the band was performing at the Maidan as a gesture of support.   

Dakh Daughters Band is a theatrical-musical band performing in the so-called “freak cabaret” genre. Every time these ladies enchant the audience with their unusual performances. Each performance is like a fragment of the theatre show because the members of a group are professional actresses. Originally, Dakh Daughters Band is directly related to the Kiev’s theatre “Dah” whose leader Vladislav Trotsky produces and directs the band, ensuring their performances to be in a greatly theatrical way.



This band is truly unique and can be proud of its subtlety starting with the spectacular costumes, expressive make-up and ending with a plenty of different instruments. For instance, these avant-garde women are using double bass, piano, violin, guitar and many more musical instruments which combined with performers lush tones of voices create a sublime mood and leaves a remarkable impression to the listeners.

“Rozy / Donbass” – is the most popular performance of this band. Its video received dozens of views and positive comments on the YouTube. In it, the band is performing one of the Shakespeare’s sonnets, combining some of Ukrainian folk motives. As usual, the whole performance is extremely theatrical and filled with vivid emotions and magnificent expressiveness.

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