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Saturno Butto – an Italian surrealist, who is considered to be one of the most influential contemporary painters.

Saturno Butto was born in Venice in 1957. Italy and its rich history of art deeply affected his work. ,,As a child I used to watch my neighbor, a painter working in the garden. He painted landscapes and technically he was very fast and talented. I was impressed and desired to imitate him.“ Saturno Butto art grows from classical traditions and is the monument for Baroque art. Even if this artist didn’t like to point out his mentors, he is fascinated by erotic – voyeuristic works of Rembrandt and Coubert, whose painting style is similar to Butto.

There is always a notable symbol of the planet Saturn on Saturno Butto paintings. ,,Saturno – is my Christian name.” The topic of religion is inseparable from his work, only in his paintings religion is dark and even demonic, shaded with Butto favorite color of blood.

,, I have never cared about the feelings my work will stimulate to others, I’m trying to express myself ” – Saturno Butto says.

Saturno Butto work – an ode to the naked human body and to what he is able to endure. Artist evades deep taboo, so his paintings may be shocking. The heroes in the paintings struggle between eroticism and pain, ecstasy and disorder.
Metaphorical rituals, neo-Gothic altars for secret mystical religions – inseparable Saturno Butto creative elements. Medical instruments, sharp daggers and wine red colors convey the pain and suffering in Buttos paintings. The martyrs live among the people of the world, full of sex and sin and the spiritual world, where every soul finds redemption.

,,I decide to work with the model, if it interests me and excites.” When choosing the postures of his paintings Saturno Butto also confesses searching and trying to portray the darkest and the most secret sides of the human.

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