Numerous questions arise every day about the problems of modern society. Many of these cultural and social issues affect the lives of the majority to a lesser or greater extent. Meanwhile, the streets are increasingly revealing playful art that brings a smile to many a stranger’s face.
Street artist Dran paints his witty artworks, balancing between gentle irony and dark humour. It is impossible to pass by these drawings on the street without noticing them.
Revealing his humorous and at the same time indifferent attitude towards the ills of society, the artist conveys images that create expressive messages to society.
This French street artist uses his art as commentary on sensitive societal issues related to the present and past events. As the “Banksy of France”, his approach is in a sense identical to that of the English graffiti artist.
Drano uses his dark sense of humour to criticise modern culture. His works often portray children holding crayons.
Dran began drawing since he was a child, and to express himself, he copied pictures from comics he read. He started drawing at the age of 13. He enrolled in an art school in Toulouse, where he explored the movements of his hand and developed his own style, which had to be different from his peers.
As his skills continued to develop, he took up illustration, graffiti, drawing, painting, stencilling, silk-screening and photography, all of which gave him a wealth of experience.

Artist reveals the natural imagination of children, criticizes social problems such as failed marriages, the inability of couples to remain together, environmental pollution, over-consumption, and the lack of waste. Each of Dran’s works contains a hidden message that needs to be understood by society.
The critical observation of society in art illustrates many of the shortcomings of modernisation. Dran, also known as a member of the group “Da Mental Vaporz”, became a prominent figure in French street art. His work can now be seen all over Toulouse and other French streets. The caricatures are thought-provoking and call for action on global issues.
Dran is a true street artist who keeps you wondering and keeping your eyes on his work!

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