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American choir member, singer, actress and the world’s first supermodel. Slim figure, luscious hair and a face that radiates youth. Of course, these descriptions are for none other than Evelyn Nesbit, America’s most desired and popular woman of the 20th century, who changed the cultural and artistic world of the art industry.

Starting her career at the age of only 14, Nesbit has won the hearts of photographers, fashion and even the art industry. Her flawless face has graced the covers of many magazines and products ranging from tobacco to toothpaste.

So what is the secret of this iconic model’s success ? What made her the face of the 20th century ?

Of course, natural outer beauty is one of the key factors, but inner charisma, an infallible fashion instinct and endless determination are also very important highlights.

It is a supermodel’s duty to remain at the epicentre of both fashion and cultural life at all times. Every single decade has had its supermodels, and in the 1920s it was Evelyn Nesbit.

Evelyn Nesbit, possessing a slender figure and flowing, luxurious hair, actively captivated as the most coveted and esteemed model during the American Gilded Age in the early 20th century.

Her tumultuous life, rife with scandalous events, reached its pinnacle when she became embroiled in a murder narrative, famously dubbed – the trial of the century.

In the late 19th century, in the United States, it was a period of rapid economic development, but also an era of extreme poverty, when a large number of poor European immigrants came to the US.

Ms Nesbit had the opportunity to experience both sides of this life. She came from a modest Irish village in Pennsylvania, but grew up in a refined and honourable family.When Nesbit’s father abandoned the family, she faced deprivation. However, her mother, Evelyn Florence, actively embodied the Victorian woman ideal, striving to maintain family unity without compromising their good name.

When Nesbit reached the age of 11, her grandmother died, leaving her, her brother and her mother poor. They had to say goodbye to their home and watch their belongings being sold at auction.” Try to use their active counterparts.

However, even though the Nesbit family had to suffer the harsh blows of fate, becoming poor – surviving only off of charity – the family’s reputation never crumbled, on the contrary, they remained respected and appreciated by all.

Nesbit started her career at the very young age of 14, and her first job was posing for a portrait for 5 hours, which earned her just one dollar. Evelyn Nesbit’s successful show in the 1900s shocked the whole New York City and soon after this sensational performance, she became one of the most desired models in New York.

She became a muse for many artists, including sculptor George Gray’s “Virginity” statue and even Gibson’s legendary woman.

Evelyn Nesbit’s face appeared on the covers of the most popular magazines of the day – “Vanity Fair”, “Harper’s Bazaar”, “The Delineator and Ladies’ Home Journal”. Her face was featured on just about every beauty product including face cream and even toothpaste.

Nesbit’s youthful face was also soon appearing on greeting cards, tobacco products and calendars. Her exceptional beauty and sophistication helped her to embody such extraordinary characters as a Greek goddess or even a geisha.

Although Supermodel Evelyn Nesbit’s life hasn’t been easy, she took on every challenge thrown at her, making her name known across America. Besides modelling, she was also an active writer and actress.

In 1914, she wrote two books of memoirs, “My Life” and “Days of the Prodigal”. She appeared in numerous films and made her debut as one of the leading actresses in such films as “Threads of Fate”, “Woman’s Revenge”, “The Happy Leap” and also appeared in a series of autobiographical dramas.

Nesbit passed away at the age of 82 in a Santa Monica nursing home and found her final resting place in California, the very spot where she had shone as the brightest star. Although Nesbit’s emergence into the fashion industry was sudden and tumultuous, her memory is still fresh today.

The famous supermodel’s name was known almost everywhere, she graced the covers of the most popular magazines of the time, but her impeccable beauty standards are still alive and well in today’s fashion industry.

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