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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is one of the candidates for the position of President of USA who is being brought by the Democrats. According to the results of survey, while Donald Trump is in the lead for President in the Republican side, Hillary Clinton enhanced her position in the Democrat’s camp.

Primary elections of the President of USA are very important. During them candidates from Democrat and Republican sides in each state race with other candidates from their own parties in order to be nominated as a top contender of party at the National Conventions. Primary elections are of two types: in some states delegates are selected during the National Convention of the party (“caucus” system) and in other states they are being selected by people (“primaries”).

Number of registered voters of Democrats who support H. Clinton grew about 60%. As the research shows, this support is two times bigger than the support her closest opponent Bernie Sanders has.

B. Sanders who considers himself as a democratic socialist is trying to attract the attention of the Left even though it looks like his successful election in summer is running out of steam and it is also becoming too hard to compete with H. Clinton. Therefore it can be said that H. Clinton, wife of B. Clinton, the former President of USA, is unambiguously in the lead amongst the Democrats.

In the world-wide media it is discussed if H. Clinton did not crossed boundaries when talking about D. Trump. “He is becoming one of the best crimps of ISIS” she says. “They (fighters of ISIS) are thinking about releasing a short movie where D. Trump is putting indignities upon Islam and Muslims in order to unite more radical jihadists”. Trump is expecting an apology from H. Clinton and states that it is not true. “She is lying about everything. If she becomes the President of USA, it would be catastrophic”.

“We must prevent the turning away of Republicans from progress we have already reached” says the former Secretary of State.

Supposedly, electioneering of H. Clinton will revolve around the middle class. Leader of her election group John D. Podesta, when announcing H. Clinton as candidate, expressed his support towards this social layer saying that “we need to do anything so middle class could still mean something”.

It looks as if these guesses confirmed. One of the economic plans of H. Clinton is to raise the income of middle class. She wants to create strong and rising economy of USA and it should begin from the enhancement of earnings of workers in the USA.

What is more, H. Clinton’s election states that she will do anything it takes to fight against ISIS. “We have to leave fear behind and instead accept a decision” she says.

Even the current President of the USA Barack Obama expresses his support towards this candidate. According to him, she would be “an amazing President”. “She was a strong candidate in 2008, she was a great supporter during general election, she was an outstanding Secretary of State, and is a wonderful friend of mine. I think she would be an amazing President” said B. Obama during the press conference of the Summit of the Americas in Panama.

In the case of Victory Clinton would become the first female President of the United States of America. Amongst Democrats she was already a favorite to become a candidate for the President in the 2016 elections. It looks like she is one of the most potential candidates for this position.

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