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Javier Bardem was searching for his “place under the sun” for a long time. During his teenage years he played on the Spanish National Team in rugby.

Later he related his future with painting. However, this person became international level actor.

Sinuous way in self discovering

Actor Javier Encinas Bardem was born on March 1, 1969, in Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain.  He was born into a known acting family in Spain, but despite that he didn’t rush to take over this family crafts. He wanted to be a painter and studied at Madrid’s Escuela de Artes y Officios. But later he felt that he was not talented enough to make himself a living from it, thus decided to look for something else. Javier drifted into a number of odd jobs, working as a bouncer, a writer, a construction worker, and even a stripper. Once his mother was in the audience and she was very proud of her son.

Nevertheless, fact that he was born into the acting family made an impact for his future endeavors. It doesn’t come as a big surprise, since he was on and off in the family business since he was six years old. It really didn’t matter whether he was playing rugby or painting. At the same he was acting in TV series or touring the country with troupe. So, despite the fact that Javier Bardem was roaming for some time, trying out different things he was never too far from his family affairs – acting.

Sexy macho label

Javier Bardem built himself a significant reputation among Spanish movie audience as the sexy star of such steamy films as Las Edades de Lulu (The Ages of Lulu), Jamón, jamón and Huevos de oro (Golden Balls). It looks like this sexy macho label stuck for long, since in 2007 he was ranked as one of sexiest male celebrity. UK Magazine “Empire” ranked him in their “100 Sexiest Stars” list. He came in at number seventy-three. Maybe it is not the best place but let’s be honest, knowing that you are one of the sexiest man in the world must be pleasure.

International acclaim

His performance as the Cuban writer and revolutionary Reinaldo Arenas, who committed suicide (he was suffering from AIDS) in movie Before Night Falls earned Javier Bardem the best reviews of his life and ensured a place on the international cinema screen. And so, Javier Bardem became the first Spanish actor ever to earn an Academy Award nomination.

More glory

Javier Bardem even took out Johnny Depp for the role of Florentino Ariza in Love in the Time of Cholera. But it wasn’t enough for him. Nomination of Academy award wasn’t enough either. He wanted get it. And he got it. Thanks to amazing performance in No Country for Old Men, Javier Bardem got an Oskar. This way he became first Spanish actor who got this award. When he was participating in the award’s ceremony, he thanked the director of movie Joel Coen for trusting the role for him and made a joke about probably the most stupid hair cut which he had during the filming. After that he became serious and dedicated this Oskar for his mom: “Mom, this is for you, this is for your grandparents, for your parents, Rafael and Matilde, this is for the actors of Spain, who have brought, like you, the dignity and the pride to our job. This is for Spain and this is for all of you.”

Universal actor

It looks like Javier Bardem can become anyone he wants. It’s strange why we didn’t see him in Avatar…He is sexy and seductive in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. In fact, he was so sexy and seductive that he attracted the attention of Penelope Cruz while they were on the set. They are together since then. We saw him romantic and mysterious in Eat, pray, love or serious and focused in Biutiful.

Never forget to dream

This actor for sure has talent and charisma. And his performances impress everyone because you can feel that he gives everything he has while acting. Javier Bardem said that he doesn’t believe in God. Instead, he believes in Al Pacino and one of the biggest dreams of his is making a film with him: “If I ever get a phone call saying “Would you like to work with Pacino? “I would go crazy.” So, it is very important to never stop dreaming and have the purpose. Javier Bardem describes his dream of life like this: “My dream would be, when I’m old, to put all my characters in a room and realize that they can’t talk to each other because they don’t have anything to share.” So, that’s why this actor will never be boring – because his roles are always different!

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