“Love Don’t Judge” is a project featuring extraordinary couples from around the world who are judged every day for what they have fallen in love with. The people featured in the series receive abusive comments not only from the people around them, but also from unsupportive loved ones because of their choice of partner. However, they ignore other people’s opinions and want to talk about their love and feelings to the whole world.

“Love Don’t Judge” currently has more than 7 million followers on Facebook. According to the founders of the project, when you are in an unconventional relationship, your friends, family and the rest of society can quickly judge you for it. But they can’t decide for themselves who they fall in love with. And they can’t let others judge their choice either. “Love Don’t Judge” is an inspiring and uplifting series about real couples who stand firm in love despite the pressures of the outside world.

Jonathan and Lyndsney’s love story: ‘My wife is small, but she is not a child’

Lydnesney, 22, and Jonathan, 27, are being judged because of the difference in their appearance, with bystanders very often comparing the woman to a child. At the age of 5, Lydnesney was diagnosed with a rare cancer that disrupts her hormones, making her extremely small. It is because of her appearance that the couple often receive strange looks from passers-by and various negative comments on social networks. The woman said that it was her appearance that made it difficult for her to trust herself and to start a relationship. However, when they met, they fell in love, got married and had a child. Although Lyndsney was told that she would never be able to have children, they denied it and have a happy family life.

GJ and Jessica’s love story: ‘We are a polygamous couple, but even our mothers judge us’ 

Polygamy is the practice of people marrying or being in a relationship (whether short-term or long-term) with more than one partner, and many countries prohibit such relationships where a person has more than one spouse. This is the type of relationship advocated by this couple, who have been together for nine years. The most shocking fact is that people are constantly looking for a third person in their relationship and have no interest in the idyllic, family life of a married couple, even though they have three children. This is a strange way of looking at it, not only for the people around them, but even for their own mothers, who do not approve of this family model at all and think that it will harm their grandchildren. At the beginning of their relationship, Jessica confessed to GJ that she was bisexual, so they were looking for a girl they could marry, who could be part of their relationship and raise their children together.

Tori and Syven’s love story: ‘I gave birth to my children as a man’ 

A transgender couple suffered from gender dysphoria from a very young age and never felt like themselves. But it was only when they started their journey towards gender reassignment, which Tori began in her late teens and Syven at a very young age, that they finally felt happy. They were not sure that it would be possible for them to conceive naturally after trying for a while, due to the use of testosterone, but they were both very happy when Syven became pregnant with their first son Prophet, who is now one year old. Six months after his birth, they had a daughter, Wynter, who is now one month old. The couple’s decision to have children has been met with both negative and positive comments, but the greatest support has come from their family.

Samuli and Matilda’s love story: ‘We’re brother and sister-in-law but we’re in love’ 

Matilda and Samuli first met when their parents started dating, but although their relationship started out like all traditional fraternal relationships, they didn’t have a particularly close bond, but things eventually turned around after one random night. For a long time, they hid their feelings from the people around them because they were afraid of a backlash. However, Matilda’s mother and Samuli’s father took the news quite naturally and see nothing strange in it. In the end, the couple decided to get married and share their story on social networks, where they received a lot of criticism.

Quran and Cheryl’s love story: ‘I’m 24, my wife is 61 and we want a child’ 

A couple who have become very popular on the Internet and who are willing to share their love story are separated by a huge age gap of 37 years. The couple is very popular on social networks, but they receive a lot of negative comments. Of course, the couple really love each other and do not let other people’s opinions and hurtful comments overshadow their relationship. They have already taken one big step in their relationship – they got married and streamed their wedding on their joint ‘TikTok’ account, which was live-streamed to around 20 000 fans at the time. The couple’s current plans are to start a family, either through adoption or through a surrogate mother.

Jordon and Angie’s love story: ‘I’m a teenager and expecting my 3rd child’ 

Angie, now 19, met her husband Jordon, 22, at a friend’s birthday party. After just two and a half months together, when she was 15 and he was almost 18, she became pregnant – despite taking the contraceptive pill. Although people warned Angie that Jordan would leave her, he proposed and the couple married the day after her 16th birthday. They had a daughter, Nevaeh, but a year later, at the age of 17, Angie became pregnant again and had a son, Hudson. Unfortunately, she has also suffered five miscarriages, but all this has only made the couple’s relationship stronger. Since becoming a mother, Angie has lost most of her friends, but she knows that Jordon will always be there for her, no matter what.

Lorenzo and Jenna’s love story: ‘My girlfriend acts like a dog and I like it’ 

This couple from Texas took the Internet by storm when they started sharing videos on their TikTok account of Jenna behaving like a dog – drinking from a bowl on the floor, jumping into the river while playing and tearing off her slippers, or walking with a lead. Jenna says she has enjoyed acting like a dog since she was a small child. Jenna met Lorenzo, her current ” master” as she calls him, at a photo shoot and the couple have been inseparable ever since. Her boyfriend seems completely normal and treats her like a real dog: he feeds her, takes her for walks and plays with her. The couple receives a lot of negative comments about this behaviour, but they don’t care.

Julia and Eileen’s love story: ‘She’s not my mother, she’s my wife’ 

A couple with an age difference of 37 years, who are often mistaken by those around them not only as mother and daughter, but also as grandmother and granddaughter. Julia (24), a YouTube video maker and singer, met her wife, politician Eileen (61), on the “Tinder” app. Their endless love was not affected by the comments and objections of those closest to them, so they decided to get married and swear to an eternal love for life. The newlywed couple say that the age difference has never been a problem in their relationship and added: “Love is love. We have the same right as all other people to be happy, to get married and celebrate our love.”

Francinaldo and Elisane’s love story: ‘My wife is 43 centimetres taller than me’ 

A married couple from Brazil get strange looks from passers-by because of their unique height difference. Fancinaldo is 1.65 cm tall and his wife Elisane is 2.07 cm tall. However, the couple do not see the unusual height difference as a problem and have lived happily together for more than eight years, six of which they have been married. Three years ago, their first son Angelo was born. But having a child was not an easy journey, as they had previously suffered a miscarriage while Elisane was expecting twins. However, despite all the difficulties and the reprimands from those around them, the couple is extremely happy.

Monica and John’s love story: ‘My husband controls my life – and I like it’ 

Monica is married to John and she believes that she “lives to please him”. Her husband controls every aspect of her life, from the smallest detail. She says that this is the secret of a happy relationship, that the man must make all the decisions and the woman must always try to please her husband. She considers this to be the role of the “traditional wife”, her husband agrees and says: “I am the husband, so I make the rules”. John has the most important role in his wife’s life, controlling her entire life, choosing the clothes she has to wear, but Monica is not opposed to it at all, on the contrary, she is very happy with it. She also allows her husband to “sleep” with other women. For many people around her, this model of their relationship seems distorted and not a reflection of true love.

These stories make you believe that true love still exists no matter what, and that for every person in the world, there is a soulmate who will accept their loved one even with some imperfections.

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