Mark Zuckerberg

The founder of one of the most popular social networks Facebook does not stop surprising the world with his ideas.

On his Facebook page Mark Zuckerberg shared his striking plan for 2016 – to create an artificial intelligence-based assistant that would help in doing housework. Every year, as the majority of all the people, the creator of Facebook makes a list of New Year’s resolutions. Last year his ambition was to learn Chinese language, to meet a new person every day and to read two books a month. However, this year his aspiration is much bigger.

As Mark himself posted on Facebook, this artificial intelligence-based assistant will help not only with household chores, it will also be able to assist in professional works. Firstly, Mark Zuckerberg is going to analyze some similar already existing technologies and think of methods how to improve them. The main idea is to teach this assistant to recognize the voice of different family members when controlling the whole household: music, lights, temperature, etc. Furthermore, one of the plans is to teach it to recognize faces of family friends, accordingly deciding whether to let them in or not. As last year Mark Zuckerberg’s first-born daughter was born, his aim concerning the assistant is also to make it capable to inform the parents of what is going on in their daughter’s room, while they are not with her. Regarding professional aspects, an artificial intelligence-based assistant will help in controlling visual information and in creating more effective and organized services.

Such a goal set by the billionaire is not a new thing in this modern society. Similar ideas in creating various artificial intelligence-based robots, by combining the latest computer technologies and human intelligence are already developed by such well-known companies as Google, Apple or Samsung. Although, home automation systems are already real, it does not mean that there is no room for improvement. The biggest challenge for the founder of Facebook will be to link all the individual programs to form a single automated home management system using voice control for carrying out the tasks. However, taking into consideration how the social network Facebook has improved since the day of its inception, we can expect that by applying his knowledge and abilities this new Mark Zuckerberg’s idea will be implemented soon.

Even though a great number of famous scientists, as well as a physicist Stephen Hawking, state that the creation of artificial intelligence is even more dangerous than the atomic bomb, but it seems as if a rapid development of technologies will not stop this progressive invention from legalization.

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