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So America is shut. They’ve actually gone and shut down because they can’t agree on how to spend money they don’t have. Mental, eh?

Of course, Barack Obama has put all of the blame on Republicans, saying that he has “bent over backwards” to work with them. For example, the Republican party wanted to pass a bill that would ensure the government would not shut-down while thy are trying to come to an agreement on their spending, but Obamas party rejected. Those bloody republicans!

The biggest beef seems to be ver this “Obamacare” thing. Basically, it’s medical care for all Americans. For a fee, of course. Money will get taken out from workers paychecks to cover it, despite the fact that the general conscientious is that nobody can afford to pay what is being charged. One thing that is awfully suspicious about it though is just how fantastic it is. Apparently everyone will benefit from it greatly. So much so that only a handful of people are exempt fromit. “Who are those people?” I hear you ask? Those people are:


Justice Dept.

Supreme Court

Federal Judges

Barack Obama & his family.

That’s right. This bill is fantastic and beneficial the only people who can’t receive it are the very people who came up with it and forced it onto everybody else. That’s pretty bizarre’ If it’s so great why don’t they want it themselves? If I claimed to have baked the nicest cake in the world I’d want a piece.

It isn’t just Obamacare though. It’s a lot of things. The Obama administration seem to be doing everything in their power to ensure the government doesn’t open back up. Another demand they have is to raise the debt ceiling to “avoid a financial shut-down”. They seem to be under the impression that the best way to get out of a financial crisis to to get into more debt. They are single-handedly destroying their country purely for their own gain, but people are waking up to it and people are going to kick off soon. As it stands, thousands of Government employees are sitting at home, not working and not earning money. Because of the Governments behaviour there are thousands upon thousands of people who aren’t earning money to feed their families and keep their homes.

Yesterday a man set himself on fire in protest in a park near the White House. You know your in pretty dire straights when that starts to happen and the government know this is the case. They are anticipating another civil war. This is why, months ago, they ordered thousands of armoured vehicles, millions of hollow-point ammunition and 15,000 russian troop to be trained along side American troops in Urban warfare. What was the deadline for all these things? 1st October. They needed the Dept. of homeland Security to be armed to the rafters and fully trained in Urban Warfare by the same day the Government shut-down. Urban warfare though? That’s awfully suspicious. And when you put that next to the order of hollow-point bullets, which are illegal for use in wars because they’re so violent I might add, it gets more suspicious again. And then put that next to the fact they’ve got Russians to learn English, be trained in Urban Warfare AND learn how to use US military weapons.

Something big and bad is going to go down over there soon. Something very big and something very bad.

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