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Long ago Russia’s attitude towards the EU and Baltic countries exceeds all imperialism features related to hegemonic restriction: Gazprom as an ammunition of Kremlin enforces countries to pay lots of money for gas (Lithuania pays the biggest price for gas from all the Baltic countries; obviously, it is least loyal to Putin’s mode).

Propaganda’s extent would surprise even the same J. Goebbels. It is hard to tell, how many democratic countries politicians disgraced their consciousness when talking about Kremlin, but one thing is clear – certainly a lot. The war is going on in cyberspace, geopolitics, public relations, Russian television channels; it is so widespread that it is hard to say which front would report that there is nothing new.

We are involved in the war – and even if you’re just a naive user who goes to F. Kirkorov’s concert out of pity for him and do not realise anything, you contribute to our loss. There is the only place in the world, where are no coincidence and it is Kremlin.

The book “Tales of a Kremlin Digger” written by Russian journalist, Y. Tregubova, reveals undercover and, frequently, world of exotic creatures. The journalist does not call these creatures human beings. They are another species that is why they are so dangerous for human beings.

Who are the architects of the Kremlin, creating one of the most functional history of totalitarianism, where it is possible to eliminate any coincidence, any spontaneous event? According to Y. Tregubova, they are zombies, who lost their sight, have no feelings and the growth of their power is like a bigger dose to a drug addict.

When Y. Tregubova wrote this book, she was immediately sacked. Also, she lost the right to work as a journalist and later someone tried to set her up. It reminds of Ana Politkovskaja, another Russian dissident and journalist, who was not allowed to live by V. Putin. If V. Putin wants to get journalist’s life as a birthday present, his wish is realized, because such are the laws in Russia. There are no culprits because no one is looking for them.

There are more books, about the recent activities of Kremlin, which have to be included in the “must read”, list: E. Lucas “The New Cold War: Putin’s Russia and the Threat to the West”, “Deception: The Untold Story of East-West Espionage Today”, J. Bugajski “Cold Peace: Russia’s New Imperialism”, V. Paniuskin, M. Zygar “Gazprom: The New Russian weapon”, A. Politovskaja’s book, M. Sixsmith “Putin’s Oil: The Yukos Affair and the Struggle for Russia”.

I mentioned these books not to show how much literature is written on this topic but in order to help people form a clear view of Russia’s activities. Book authors are neither friends nor alter egos and their ideas really differ. Nevertheless, all these books are on the same topic: the Kremlin fights for EU and Eastern Europe, it fights against everyone and everything, as always. Russia never had friends just toadies. Lithuania clearly should pay more attention to Stalinism phenomenon, which related power through self-destruction and some time ago these two things were not related. Now it means that you are powerful, when you destroy yourself. It is like a Quantum Policy with incomprehensible laws.

Something very similar to J. Stalin’s times is happening in modern Russia: V. Putin has no fear to destroy everyone, who does not please him. His policy is based on the same methods of Stalinism, which were the foundation for Soviet Union. In Russia all a priori are guilty, but while you are loyal to V. Putin, you will not suffer the same fate as M. Chodorkovski. On the contrary, as soon as you decide to become an opposition leader, as G. Kasparov did, you are being terrorized until your emigration. E. Limonov, the writer and political activist, does not try to avoid arrests. If the “government” desires, it can arrest him, when going to a shop. For what? On purpose to remember in what camp the upstart is living.

Oscar Wilde wrote that “In Russia everything is possible except the reforms”. Even after more than a hundred years nothing has changed. According to Robert van Voren, an expert in a science related to Soviet Union, in Russia totalitarianism is not V. Putin’s and his environment project, but a systemic phenomenon, which has much longer history than Matrix controlled by Vladislav Surkov, the former KGB agent, having a genius for Machiavellianism.

In other words, it is a sign of mentality: an endless slave and Mister syndrome. The majority of Russian people are eternal victims of Stockholm syndrome. Although, several great meetings directed to Putin’s mode demonstrates that there are people, who are no longer suffering from it. Nevertheless, it is not a big group of people, who could stand against Putin’s mode and no one knows, when it be enough people to do something. If we do not want to become such slaves like we were during the existence of Soviet Union, we must fight against the Kremlin.

Now the Kremlin policy is struggling with the EU and it cannot live without a “fight”. What kind of totalitarianism was vital without the fight? What totalitarianism went out without a fight? Maybe the ancient Roman Empire collapsed just because it had no more bitter enemies.

The Kremlin is fighting not only for the European conquest, but also for its survival. All economic means, which are resorted like customs and gas policy, are an expression of a struggle. Russia’s economy is not growing, but the country allows itself to spread out money, because they simply believe that knocked down Europe deserved it. For Kremlin is better to see poverty-stricken Russian people rather than successful Europe and better lives having Russian citizens. Kremlin zombies would sacrifice anything to show their power.

Everywhere in Lithuania people are telling a great number of stories about a kind uncle Putin. The authors of these stories are venal sneaks or extremely stupid people, punished by the God. They do not realise where this situation can lead us. The growing Russia’s influence could break our democracy. There are enough prostitutes, who are in love with the Kremlin and do not even try to secret it.

As in times of the Cold War (V. Putin is still living in these times, for him the XXI century has never started), Russia is fighting not only for the influence in the Baltic countries or Europe. Russia is fighting against the USA. The Kremlin politicians think that a decline in the USA influence will “reinforce” their power.

This situation makes us, Europeans, choose either the USA or Russia. There is no other way. Cannot be. We want this or not, we have to choose a camp. The objective to discredit Brussels and EU by talking is just a piece of Russian propaganda, because no one knows, where the problems of EU are. It is about a high tolerance, depravity, value loss. Only such things can convince fools. When criticizing America (again), they talk about the loss of some values. It is not even funny, because the USA values prefer to expand influence and this is the main reason why it is called dangerous. It does not matter that there people have better lives and are happier. Who can agree that economic prosperity and a happy life are anti-values?

Some people claim that Russian values are the most precious. Well, if there is something absolutely of no value then it is definitely the Kremlin values, because everything is based on forced “installation” of values. Every word, verb, noun, adjective, adverb should be supplemented by “under compulsion”. Freedom of choice does not exist. Kremlin’s inhabitants are a dangerous species of Homo erectus having a totalitarian thinking. They have no empathy and they certainly will not stop fighting. Pithecanthropus will fight till the end.

New Cold War is going on in all fronts, but the economy remains a key factor. In this case the business crisis has a huge impact on peoples’ thoughts. People are convinced that America has huge debts, EU will collapse and Russia will exist forever and ever. I had an opportunity to watch numerous videos on youtube.com channel on this topic and I was amazed how well the Kremlin propagandists dig brainwashing techniques. How naive are people, living in democratic countries and believing that uncle Putin tries to help them. Uncle Putin is valetudinarian believing that this war is the same as an old Cold War. The USSR fall was so shocking for him that his brain has never started functioning. Marionette trained by KGB methods fights till its last day, because the program is so – destroy, till the end of your life. Those, who think that this talking goes over the top, should carefully listen to the stories of former KGB agents. A person, once initiated to KGB, remains an agent for all his/her life and works to Russia. Another option is death.

We, Lithuanians should be worried about the Kremlin capability to make bad blood between us and our neighbours, in general, with the entire Western world, beginning with the Poles (does V. Tomasevski really fights for the interests of Polish nationality having people, or maybe someone will dare to say that he is just a parasite, pest, Lithuania devouring worm?). Lithuania so easily gets lost, when inadequate libellous information about diplomats is spread. It is hard to watch, when we are unable to show our small but strong state strength to the whole Europe and the world.

Normally, every time when we muff up, we can see a mug of smiling Putin. When some member of Parliament, now reading not a constitution but Confucius, or an old KGB assistant trying to revive his authority in Lithuania’s policy starts to explain that good relationship between neighbours are essential and that is why we have to ameliorate our relationship with Russia, here emerges the question to these worms – do you realize that this is what the Kremlin is waiting for? Waiting for Lithuania to be abjected, waiting for Lithuania which would appear as a slave Isaura asking a boon, asking for alms, asking for cheaper gas in return to freedom. There is no need to keep terms with the neighbours, whose only way of communication is threats.  Let this relationship be regulated by the global economic agreements. Now and here we have to show that we are not slaves, with whom everyone can communicate in a threatening tone.

Russia’s war against the EU and the Eastern European countries is a desire to diminish and humiliate them and, of course, to expand its influence. Also, to bribe more parties and politicians, maybe to organise the presidential election, where they could pick out “their own” pro-Russian president (there are some candidates). Moreover, Russia wants to destroy democracy, EU, to divide it and rule.

Greenhorns will shout that during the times of Soviet Union everyone at least had a job. This is the opinion of people, who do not respect themselves. Realists will realize that engaged slaves are the lowest value which can be achieved in life. We have to give the Kremlin the same answer, which was given the day of our Independence – tough, brave, without any shade of fear or trembling. This is the only way we can preserve the respect which, unfortunately, disappears every time we need.

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