still from a movie "Before Midnight"

Richard Linklater with Ethan Hawke and Julia Delpy come back to the big screens in order to put all points on love story of Celin and Jassy.

A train of thoughts

Romantic drama “Before Midnight” is a continuation of two movies “Before Sunrise” and “Before Sunset”. Continuation can be called successful only if one liked the first two parts to begin with. The truth is that this movie’s outline is the same as previous parts.

Thanks to deep, meaningful dialogs (we know this because talking was all this couple was doing in the first two movies) we can hear a story of life. Viewer becomes listener and after that – thinker. One can just close his eyes and listen stories, trying to image everything. Thoughts are flowing freely, nevertheless it catches you and somehow you start to think…

Exciting routine

Here you will meet Celin and Jessy again. They live together now. They undergo joy and despair of life together. They are still not married but have two twin girls. The most interesting thing – their life isn’t perfect, not a fairy tale. Daily life is grueling and it looks like there is always enough passion for dispute and discord.

It is possible that those who expect romance and sweetness from this movie can be left disappointed. This movie is more realistic and mundane. Sugar is dropping rarely, thus daily life of these two characters sucks one in and excites rather easily.


a still from a movie “Before Midnight”

Gives hope

Just because this part is more mundane and realistic, it is easy to identify yourself with main characters. It is not only easy, also a pleasure. Problems which one will see are understandable and well known for most of the people. There are no werewolf’s running in forest or sparkling vampires. It is soft and romantic in an everyday-life way. Not a perfect world suddenly becomes interesting and full of hope.

Viewers, who can’t identify themselves with first parts, will be able to do that in “Before Midnight”. The other question is will they like it or not… Anyway, this movie will give an emotion and how you will take it depends only on you.

Verdict 8/10

Even though movie “Before Midnight” is pleasurable to watch, it isn’t a movie which you will want to watch again and again. And the fact that this part is rather similar to first two movies doesn’t make it more special or more interesting in any way.

You must watch this movie if you liked first parts and you are very curious how this love story will end. But if first parts look too tiring and over pressed for you, “Before Midnight” will be the same.

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