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Without a doubt – we will help. It’s in the nature of every educated human being. Although we can’t avoid seeing videos of refugee behaviour. I’ve seen a young boy, who considered himself to be a Muslim, beating up a young non-Muslim girl, kicking her in the head when she fell and calling her a whore.

You see, the girl wasn‘t wearing a hijab. I saw a mother near the Austrian border who pushed her 5 year old daughter towards the policemen while holding a smartphone in her hands. Her words shocked me: “Take my child to Germany”.

It seemed as if a horrible war was going on in Hungary. I saw few parents who were using their children as a shield, to protect themselves from the water cannons at the Hungarian border. Then, unwillingly you start to ask yourself: are refugees real or are they just cynical impostors?

I think that you are weird: mean, angry, arrogant. Usually properly dressed, possessing the newest smartphones and demanding the highest living conditions in Sweden, as if all was given by God.

Maybe you were rich back at your homeland, but why then are you not traveling to Europe from Turkey (for example), with airplanes? Why should you pay huge amounts of money to heartless criminals, who don’t care if you’ll reach the shore of Europe? Maybe your war tortured countries were those of hi living standards? It could seem that your smartphones and expensive looking clothes are cheap in your country, so there’s no need for that kind of discussion. After all, everyone who is running away, feels the danger to their lives or their families. There’s no doubt about that.

But there‘s something wrong when you demand for an inadequate support when you trespass a foreign country, without even contributing to the development of the common good. Without learning a single word in foreign language, not getting equated with the culture, traditions, political system or the laws. Although, I see that you know very well the amount of benefits you will receive, – you’re still not satisfied even by the Danish standards, because “There you will receive 5000 DKK, while you would get 10 000 SEK in Sweden”, as one angry man said on TV.

And then you demand to be taken to Sweden. Therefore, there is a logical although insensitive question: are you really refugees or are you cynical impostors? You see, Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians and Finnish folk, who migrated to west after the W.W. 2 where sincerely grateful for their freedom and life without war.

Did they demand anything from the host country? No, they did not demand anything. They were thankful and did everything they could to get on their feet without any support or benefits. Cultural elite members washed dishes, cleaned streets and lived under hard conditions.

About 700 000 Lithuanians migrated to Western Europe from 1990‘s up until today. Have you seen their faces twisted with anger, when they didn‘t get anything? No they haven‘t. Why are you so special? Remember, we don’t owe you anything.

You are coming here, not vice versa. That’s why it sounds so tragically when you demand  2-3 TV’ sets  to a refugee family, three washing machines, an apartment for every refugee to be accommodated in the city centre, when Swedes and Lithuanians could only just dream about living in the central neighbourhoods.

Do you realize that it sounds like a joke  when refugees are dissatisfied with living conditions in Sweden (!). Especially when their arguments are: “We thought that Sweden (Austria, Germany, France, Australia) are the countries, which honor the democratic principles of a country. But now we can’t recognize these countries”. Is it because you didn’t get a five star hotel? No comments.

Are you truly refugees, when you don’t even try to stay at peaceful central EU – Eastern European countries? It’s obvious that you understand that 600 euros per person isn’t a lot in Denmark (4400 DKK), but it’s a medium wage for a Lithuanian or a Bulgarian. You also probably know that 600 euros is a huge amount of money for Lithuanian pensioners, because they get about 180-400 euros a month.

It‘s obvious that you know the economic situation of EU countries very well. It breaches out to the conclusion that because of your demands for the best economic conditions, you are not refugees. Who are you then? When you behave like that, it seems that you are fraudsters.

You know, those who will demand to get everything from the beginning  in Lithuania, will confront with people who won’t give you anything. For example, the mayor of small community Biržai, declared he only will help immigrants   in case of him being raped. Well, I’m not sure who’s going to rape him. But, seeing the selfish and rude behaviour of newcomers, there will be some people who will defend Biržai mayor from getting raped.

Does the person have a right to a better life? No. You won’t find that kind of law nowhere. But in the Western European humanism context, human being has a right for an opportunity to pursue better life. People in the West seek to create socially legitimate assumptions to seek for a better life, by mutual agreement. Westerners sacrificed very much to reach this more or less solidary social status. But, you demand everything from the very beginning without any endeavor. Would you demand the same things in Turkey, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia? I  don’t think so, because in the best case scenario you would get beaten up or even worse – murdered.

Wanting to live better is not a crime. Though it’s a moral crime, but demanding  to get everything as soon as possible. I understand that you know the ways how to get Western democracies to feel guilty and then get a permit – carte blanche – to establish your own ghettos, gather aggressive religious-based communities, which contradict the basics principles of democracy because of your religious beliefs.

Crime, however, is to require our society to reject the Western Judeo-Christian civilization and its choice of a democratic state and public management model  on the basis of some fictitious religious pluralistic arguments requiring validation of medieval inhuman, anti-democratic religious system – Sharia law.

Australia responded to a request honestly: “You want Sharia, go back where you came from”. Australian Attorney General Robert McClelland said: “Our laws are clear: when you come to Australia, you have to acknowledge Australian laws. In the case of cultural differences, law superiority is obtained.”

I know and you know that a politician, a lawyer, who said such a speech in Europe, would be called racist and islamophobic. And you would like that. You would like that because you would know how to talk about utopian communistic political correctness, which you used to please your own ego, greediness and rudeness.

You know the best ways to defend your twisted human rights. It’s time to learn some universal lessons, which obviously you weren’t taught by your parents:

Even the executioner doesn’t hang men for free.

Be grateful for the ones who accept you.

Nobody owes you anything.

If you want to become a part of our community, obey the laws.

If you want to be respected – work, study and educate yourselves.

Understand that Western society fought for their freedom, democratic values and won.

Western society will not tolerate any threats to their freedoms.

I know that you come from countries where you never experienced freedom from political or religious dictatorship. I know that your attitude towards the country is tragically ill. We had the same attitude, but we dispose this experience in our country step by step. I know that your attitude towards women is incompatible with respect for equal gender rights. Unfortunately, this kind of disrespect is not a rare case here either. We’re learning. And you’ll have to learn too.

In case of getting offended by my words, you will remind me that not all refugees are rude. I agree and emphasize that. But, when you see that hundreds of thousands flee to Germany and Sweden with a shout, “You have to give all to us!”, but only a few that are reluctantly going to the poorer EU countries, you begin to doubt it.

In conclusion: our politicians announced that the refugees won’t be assorted. Meaning that, there will be no need in finding out who is a real refugee and who is an economic emigrant. There’s no need for that. Locals will find out who is real and who is not. Those shouting “Give! Give! Give!“, will make problems for refugees, who are thankful to their hosts.

For those, who want to become equal members of our society. We have more than one new arrival in Lithuania. Seeing them, makes you happy about their achievements, their respect for the locally social behavior rules and democratic values.

In this cases, it doesn’t matter anymore if   a newcomer is a Muslim or not . We really need people, who are ready to become the part of those who will create common good. All the doors will be open for these kind of people and they will see the sympathy of locals and also a genuine desire to help.

If you disagree – go back where you came from. Think about it.

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