Vines are probably the shortest form of entertainment – you have 6 seconds to show the world that you are funny. And, if you are not only funny but also creative, you can become a celebrity. On the Internet Almighty, of course.

Look at this guy, Zach King, which is probably the coolest guy in the world. Or at least very creative. Zach is making short videos with perfect timing and impossible precision. Want to catch yourself from falling to the pool? Want to taste the cloud? He will show you how. Short but smartly done videos will make you laugh or leave wondering how it can be possibly done.

Zach King uploaded his first Vine September 9th, 2013. Now he has 2.4 million followers on Vine and Instagram. Zach lives in Los Angeles, California, USA and says that he is a Final Cut King. And he is absolutely right. Watch his own favorite vines of 2014 and see it for yourself.

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