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Today we want to introduce you to an extremely eccentric artist – Ray Caesar.

Ray Caesar was born in London, in the family of four children. Soon, for the sake of the creator referred to as the “intolerant neighbors” moved to Canada. As a little boy Ray Caesar used to draw on the walls, on the floor and saw the world through slightly different eyes. ,, When I was a kid I used to talk with furniture and I am quite sure that they talked back to me.” – Says the artist, from childhood suffering from multiple personality disorder.

After graduating from Ontario Art and Design University Ray Caesar worked with children in the Art department of hospital in Toronto. Images seen through those 17 years of work greatly affected artist. Once he seen murdered child photography. Sensitive soul artist was very shocked. He used to draw, redraw and promptly burned this image. It was a sign that hospital should be left.

Very similar to the one after the other Ray Caesar’s mother and sister died from cancer. Soon began nightmares and hallucinations, and art became a form of therapy. Instead of running from the experiences, Ray Caesar faced it in his paintings.,, I often think that we are all Marie Antoinettes – we live happily ever after in Petit Trianon at Versailles near the gate with our cups of tea and silk cushions, and can not see what is happening around our beautiful tiny universe. I am creating little Versailles of minds.”

Ray Caesar creates with Maya 3D modeling system. His work is very colorful, full of Rococo style elements, so creations may seem designed for children, but upon a closer look noticeable symbolic, futuristic and slightly reminiscent of Tim Burton’s creative work details. ,, Art truly is like a mirror. If I took and hid something humorous, entertaining people will laugh. Shy people will found their fears.”

As a child Ray Caesar more than the other games liked dolls. Now you can find similar creatures in his works. The majority of these dolls similar to the females, but Ray Caesar says that it may as well be little boys. ,, After all, we all have both feminine and masculine sides. ”

Artist admits often waking up in the middle of the night and understand that in dreams he was wandering in the corridors and lounge of a huge hospital, where his volatile imagination was born. In one of those dreams, once he seen his mother. In this dream she encouraged him to exhibit his woks.

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