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Seth Rogen is famous like a typical comedian.

He is well known from movies like “Superbad” and “Pineapple Express. And even his way to glory was fun – it wasn’t easy. In order to become famous comedian he had to quit his school…

First gig in the lesbian club

Seth Rogen was born in 1982 in Vancouver. When he was just a teenager he tried his best on the stand up scene. His first gig, at age 13, was at the lesbian club in Vancouver, which he thought was just a Ladies’ Night at a local bar. By 16 he had won the second place in the Vancouver Amateur Comedy Contest. He saw this as the encouragement and decided to try the bigger scenes in Los Angeles.

He quit school because he was discovered

Seth Rogen dropped out of school when director Judd Apatow discovered him. Seth was suggested a role in the comedian TV series “Freeks and Greeks”. Despite the fact that series was canceled after just one season this was a good experience and good start for this young actor. He was still working with Judd Apatow and played in other series directed by Judd “Undeclared”. This series was canceled after less than year but Seth Rogen got experience not only in acting but also in screenwriting.

Seth’s road to glory

Probably not everybody knows that Seth Rogen starred in the movies like “Donie Darko” and “Anchorman”. He didn’t get the lead roles but it was more important for him to be noticed. He was noticed, indeed, and was offered a role in the comedy “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”. Soon after that he played the lead role in Judd’s comedy “Knocked Up”. Seth was praised for his acting and soon he was working together with Adam Sandler in the movie “Funny People”. Seth Rogen once said that he remembers when he first listened to Adam Sandler’s CD, “…it was the funniest thing I’d ever heard in my entire life, and continues to be.”

“Superbad” waited for its turn for twelve years

Seth Rogen developed “Superbad” from a script he had co-written with his friend Evan Goldberg at the age of 13. The movie appeared on the screens just in 2007 but it looks like that the patience paid off. Because of the success of the “Superbad” Seth Rogen also became a respected scriptwriter.

His Voice Is as Famous as His Face

While Seth Rogen is known as the lovable slacker on the screen, his voice might be even more popular than his face. In 2007 he began his voice career playing the Ship Captain in the animated film “Shrek the Third.” This experience seemed very interesting for him and Seth gave his voice also for other characters. He voiced Morton the mouse in “Horton Hears a Who,” Hogsqueal in “Spiderwick Chronicles,” Mantis in “Kung Fu Panda,” B.O.B in “Monsters vs. Aliens” and Paul the alien in “Paul.” Therefore, it looks like this man is full set – voice, appearance and imagination.

The secret of success

It is obvious that Judd Appatow was very helpful for this talent. It is important that someone discovers you but you also need to do something if you want to achieve a certain thing. Seth Rogen said that he couldn’t say enough great things about him Judd Appatow –“He’s the reason I’m not a homeless crack-head right now.”

The actor thinks that the most important thing is honesty. Honesty and reality. “As soon as it feels like we’re making a joke where there wouldn’t be one, then we don’t do it.” This rule looks clear and simple. And if Seth Rogen reached everything thanks to this rule, it must be not only simple but also effective.

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