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American singer Marilyn Manson is famous not only for millions of fans and for more than 20 years of astonishing creations – journalist call him one of the best interviewers in the world of music who never seek the word in a pocket.

Before the start of the singer’s career Marilyn Manson worked as a music journalist, too. One of the interviewed performers was the band Red Hot Chili Peppers.

“They threw me out of the room because of audacious questions I asked. There was no wonder – I would throw myself, too. The funniest thing is that bassist Flea bought my painting for 30 thousand dollars after many years. He did not remember that unpleasant episode,” – says Marilyn Manson.

Shocking image for some associated with admiration while for others with fury artist. He admits that the journalist’s job inspired him to start the scene carrier: “I realized that many famous musicians are boring companion hopelessly. I thought that my interview would be more interesting.”

The plan was implemented plentifully by a musician – his reflections on various topics caused a discussions, the U.S. even published the book of Marilyn Manson quotes.

We offer ten of his phrases which reveal Marilyn Manson distinctive worldview.

The first experience on stage: “It was the school – my performance of Jesus. I engirded towel around my body but I was a fool and did not wear undershorts. Elders came over and ripped the towel – a classic nightmare when you are standing naked in front of all classmates. In that way Christianity traumatized me for the first time.”

About the animals: “I hate the canard that I kill the dogs. Actually, I have a dog, so why should I kill it? I love nature, there is more logic – the snake does not apologize for its actions, squirrel does not seek eternal salvation.”

About the crazy fans: “One night screaming girl jumped onto the stage, sprinted quickly to me and wanted to bung smoldering cigarette into my eye. Our fans are pretty dedicated.”

About the style of dress: “To wear in jeans and go for a lunch in a shopping center – it is the worst thing I can imagine. It would be really ugly.”

About drugs: “I do not need them. It is enough to eat spicy food before going to bed – dreams will be well ‘traveled’ really. When you ate ecstasy then you can just feed baboons. Once this has happened to me – I was intoxicated totally in Florida and let in the baboon cage because the handler was my fan. He commanded to me do not stare to these animals’ eyes because they are dangerous. Of course, that is what I only did.”

About modesty: “I am very shy. I never sleep in nude unless get drunk without clothes. I am plagued by the fear that I wake up and cop or my parents will stand in front of me. Perhaps it is from my tendency to exhibitionism. I think it is normal psychological phenomenon.”

About sex: “With children or animals – in any way. Everything else it seems to me being acceptable. There are things that I would not want to do but because of them I do not have the moral questions.”

The phenomenon of his popularity: “I am the biggest joke what was made in music. I am very dark and hideous cynical joke. But I still like to laugh out of it.”

The accusations that the show scenery elements remind Nazi symbols: “To destroy fascism is my goal. But if people see fascism at my concerts it lies in them. Concert only helps to reveal their proclivities. I do not seek to doom or bless. I am here to go upstream. I transformed my world so that I have become the fictional character which does not have any limits.”

About religion: “God has a good sense of humor, otherwise I would not be here, would me? Once Christian protesters threatened to blow up the scene in America where I had to perform. It is such a Christian behavior. To those people I want to say – if you do not like the product please complain to manufacturer. Your God created me. If your faith is so strong you should not be afraid of one rock star. But I like when such a fuss is caused for me. This is just like recognition of my affect.”

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