© Malin Sydne / Vilija Vitkutė art

In Hanna Turi’s music video “Some kind of Hell” which was presented in early July, attention is seized by colorful body painted characters created by a talented artist Vilija Vitkutė.

Vilija Vitkutė is the famous visual artist in Sweden who is interested in bodypainting. She created 9 different characters which were painted directly on singer’s body. Video clip assails imagination with a wide range of colours which keeps changing from dark like coal to rejoicing bright colours.

Vilija offered Hanna to create an art clip together. “Her music inspires me, and Hanna also likes my art and thus this music clip, idea, wishes, great work and joyful results were born.

Hanna has a boyfriend,who works at BBC – Goerge MacCallum – and he was delighted to be a part of this project, and Johannes Lindgren helped as a video artist,” says Vilija.

In the video Vilija tries to show heaven and hell which we live through every day, also emotions, incarnate monster – our inner good and evil. “I tried to show it through my own eyes, paint the main emotions and put them together,” says Vilija. “Most people see us like they want to see, hear what they want to hear and don’t notice our true emotions and feelings, they sees us as an ordinary person. In the video Hanna is transforming and in that way she is expressing her emotions: joy, sadness, childishness, sincerity, nostalgia and aggression,” answers Vilija when asked, “What do the colourful singer’s changes symbolize?”


© Malin Sydne / Vilija Vitkutė art

The most challenging character to create was that whose body was painted from head to toe, it took up to 6 hours. However, Vilija Vitkutė says that time passes very quickly while painting nonstop. The clip was filmed in 5 days, and each of them took more than 12 hours in the studio. 2-3 characters were painted per day and that required about 8 hours of continuous work.


© Malin Sydne / Vilija Vitkutė art

“The process is fun, patient, cheerful and full of new challenges,” despite the long working hours Vilija shares her positive experiences. The artist says that she is always improvising, not planning her works and also painting under the current feelings that range from the best to the worst. Vilija is most inspired by music and nature, but according to the girl, inspiration can be hidden anywhere, just keep looking for it.


© Malin Sydne / Vilija Vitkutė art

“The idea to engage in body painting was born more than a year ago when my now departed friend, photographer Alena, and I have opted to combine painting with photography. For the first time, I had to paint myself, and then painted all the friends and neighbours, after that it became a very serious and now I’m just living it. “- the artist described the beginning of her creative activity.

Vilija Vitkutė – visual artist from Lithuania, Klaipėda city but currently living in Sweden. She creates through different art forms: traditional visual art, avant-garde, fine-art photography, video art and applied art. Vilija Vitkutė currently works mainly with body painting, photography and film projects.

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