Comedy fans can already watch movie “The Internship” directed by Shawn Levy.

Shawn Levy is known for directing blockbusters like “Night at the Museum”, “The Pink Panther” and “Date Night”. In ‘’The Internship” key roles are performed by a famous actors duet – Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. Vince performed not only as one of the main characters, but also was one of the authors of the script, which was written according to his fancy story.

This story is about…

…two sellers Billy and Nick. Fellows are real experts in traditional trades, but at the age of technology they lose their jobs. Friends contrive to change everything and get job in “Google” company. Merriment starts when middle-age Billy and Nick are faced with clever young people at “Google” internship. In order to get desirable job they have to reveal their intelligence and overcome other interns.

The Internship 2

Balanced for relaxing

“The Internship” stands out with its delicate situations, which aren’t stuffed with nudity or never-ending parties. Interestingly enough, film feels quite warm as well as tries to display some human virtues.  Billy and Nick want to show that age and experience can still be significant advantages for fast, technology-depended young people. Guys understand that the most important thing is the right attitude when facing difficulties and only then all problems become possible to overcome.

Such positive portrayal of Billy and Nick is supplemented with modern music and plentiful of “Google” colors. Also, actors give some sort of charm to the movie. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson already worked together eight years ago, and we can see that they haven’t forgotten how to make audience laugh. “The Internship” once again reveals Vince and Owen duet as aces of comedy genre.

It seems that this film is full of everything you need for a good movie evening – positive attitude, love, snappy episodes and a good sense of humor.

When you know what happens next

The Internship 3

However, this type of ‘’light’’ comedy like “The Internship” has some weaknesses.  Action evolves peacefully, without exceptional features, surprises or moments of tension, thus scenario becomes rather predictable. Movie exhibits a classic situation where heroes compete for a certain reason and different types of persons appear among them. Finally, high-hats (Graham) are left in the basket, while those who are not perfect (Billy) sees success.

“Google” paradise

Ambiguous opinions were noticed within the public because of the image of the ‘’Google’’ company showed in the movie. Company’s fans should be thrilled, because “The Internship” filming took place in real company’s premises. The movie lets us see how life goes on in ‘’Google’’ campus in Silicon Valley.  Once can notice a lot of beautiful, smart people, eye-catching interior and innovative solutions.Besides, “Google” can solve problems or even replace the house where you can relax, entertain, dine and it doesn’t cost anything. Work in this technology company is presented as a paradise and the greatest job on earth. For this reason “The Internship” can be criticized– the movie is converted into two hours of “Google” advertising. On the other hand, it is literally impossible to avoid demonstrating images or products of today’s world. Furthermore, the main film idea would collapse without “Google” name in it.

The Internship 4

Verdict 8/10

“The Internship” is well-balanced for entertainment with friends or a relaxing weekend after a stressful daily round. The story of Billy and Nick isn’t stuffed with complex metaphors or tension plot; it just celebrates a positive attitude and good humor. But because of film style and predictability “The Internship” is close to the most of American-style comedies which, unfortunately, are always forgotten rather soon.

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