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We can assume that Kremlin has been defeated.

It has been defeated in all fronts: strategically Kremlin has a need of Ukraine which has sold almost all natural resources to USA companies; EU deputies are facing the most disgusting pro-Russian pressure from V. Yanukovych but they are not taking a pride in it, V. Putin is trying maniacal means to threaten Lithuania – he refuses to buy dairy products, threatens to turn off the gas, claims that our president is one of the KGB agents, arranges some provocations against media, hires venal judges and all this for nothing.

You do not want our dairy products? This is a free market and even the silly farmers may realize that work with Putin is the same as to destroy oneself. Are you surprised that you did not manage to sell your production to the west? Are you always missing Soviet paradise? Then – “because you deserve it”. Think more. Generally, proteins cause the cancer and this is proved by examining 1 billion Chinese. Grow something that is trendy like lettuce and you will find the customer.

They are going to turn off the gas? Fine, we will have to pay less to clans devoted to Kremlin. For us, there is nothing to be afraid of because we will face just some comfort restrictions and you will have financial loss. I, personally, would be grateful, because as F. Nietzsche said “What does not destroy me, makes me stronger”.

The president is a KGB agent? Who cares? Who is interested in Russia’s talks except Kremlin’s toadies? Just fools. The truth trumpet sprung up in the middle of hell. D. Grybauskaitė, the president, is fair when talking about Russia and Putin’s controlled mode of degenerates which means she is in favour of our country. This cannot be said when we are talking about the ex-communist, current Prime Minister, A. Butkevičius, who is popular just because he has no personal opinion, does not do anything, does not support anyone and does not fight against anything. He is similar to Mister Nothing – you will neither understand what he is talking nor what he is doing. Oh, yes, he smiles a lot. Love is blind? No, he is symbol of the Soviet stagnation. When we have to pay for all this, Lithuanians will wake up. Then they will realize that China has is winning. Much more buggers will emigrate. Have a good trip.

Of course, Ukraine will not be released so easily by demented Putin. He will not give up until the end. V. Yanukovych goes and goes to Moscow like a doggy and it shows that he is not so obedient to his master. He is poor beggar; probably the master punishes him for his disobedience. In Ukraine, the same as in Moscow and Lithuania, the Kremlin supports all pro-Russian movements by giving them money. These would be patriots, internet idiots, nationalists, pseudo-socialists, racists and homophobes. They do this to discredit the west but everything is for nothing.

Who can believe these stories about the bad west countries when they have been there and seen it? Even if they have seen it on TV. The answer is – only stupid aliens who understand just Russian speech and their jargon. These people are needless; therefore they are suitable for Kremlin.

Of course, there are some “fools”, who bawls and squalls about kinky west even for free. It is strange that they do not emigrate to the east. What are you waiting for? Emigrate. There you will be rich, happy and live well. If something like this have happened. Here, in Lithuania, you do not have the future because this country will be more and more modern and you will disappear even from the history of scrapheap. Talentless losers are not needed in Lithuania. You are mentioned like Kremlin’s marionettes (and if they are bought, it is so much worse). You are not humans for the author of this article. As R. Descates said „I think, therefore I am“. You do not think.

V. Putin’s agony and gradually growing crowd of Kremlin supporting people are fight against Ukraine’s and Lithuania’s wish to become one of western countries and this is an expression of a victory of freedom against tyranny, a victory of democracy against the slavery, a human victory against the beast, a human victory against a non-human. Jackals attack but do not manage to bite. This gives an opportunity to joy of our freedom.

The hit at our journalists in Lithuania unified all people. It is so nice to look at scared men from SIS, who were not allowed to do what they have been doing, who were denounced by the thinking and critical people. It is so great to see such records on Facebook like “journalists are landsberginis’ rats”. Maybe the man, who formulated this idea, should get a Nobel Prize? There is so no vivid in imagination that you can blame just “landsbergis”? Your brain works like this? Who is going to believe it?

It is so great that Russia’s government will reach the end faster than it was expected. An extreme point where every government dooms themselves to the failure is a transition to the most radical emotions. It is a mass procurement, because it is obvious that journalists are too expensive. They do not succeed in buying all up. What an intelligent person can keep company with Russia, perfectly knowing that it has no future in Lithuania? Kremlin can only imprison you. People, who have sanity, will never sell his/her soul for an opportunity to become a marionette of the Kremlin, from which KGB, oh, sorry, FSB, will take advantage. If you write a reserved article or comment just one time, which will glorify the Kremlin, you will become an eternal slave. What is money worth for? How is it possible to look at friends without the sense of shame?

Kremlin has taken the extremities – first of all, legitimated the compulsion and evident terror in the most wonderful country, Russia. The consequences can be seen in Moscow – radical nationalists are encouraged to attack, so they attack but do not really believe they have to attack someone else. Absolute fall. Even the detestation cannot inspire Russian radicals. They are not able to lie to themselves that they are not jealous of western countries.

How can we distinguish real and unreal values? The answer is simple – people do not kill each other because they have real values. They make boast of them, joy of these values and have no idea to attack one person and tell him/her about “your” own values. The happier the person is, the less he uses imperative. Happy people do not advice if you do not ask them to do this. They enjoy freedom and fight in order to keep it.  The Kremlin will never realize it.

This is a substantial difference between the east and west.

The economical downfall in Russia and Belarus is so obvious and it is really great, maybe the citizens of these countries will wake up from the authoritarian nightmare. Economical downfall can unify them as once unified us against the current government. The only thing which we should encourage is the collapse of the east and not because we want people there to suffer, but we want them to become free.

We protected the freedom and it saved us. The Kremlin is defeated once again. The great political ecstasy was confirmed and that is the moment that expiates all jackal attacks, which were not successful. These attacks gave some great ideas such as an idea to restrict the activities of special investigation organizations. It would be better to split these organizations because now no one takes responsibility for the activities. To strengthen the freedom of the speech. That is a brilliant idea. If anyone is afraid of truth or the fact that is can be revealed even though it is a “society interest”, you should emigrate to the east. Here “society interest” is to know and there is just a personal interest. Finally, people are starting to distinguish when a person writes a comment to express his opinion and when comment writing is just a job. One more brilliant idea. It is not a secret that most of these commentators are civil servants and we should prohibit this mockery from Lithuania. Maybe we should prohibit civil servants from wasting the time when writing pro-Russian comments?

It is not a secret that some parties make some work places for commentators. You would say that it is just like propaganda Russian channels do? We make an attempt to your freedom? No, we are protecting our freedom and slaves do not have any freedom. Freedom is free just because of true opinion, not of the bought one. The “bought” values should be clearly stated that SIS could look for those, who sell their “love” for Russia in Lithuanian media, instead of cavilling at the free words. There is no “love”. Do not be silly. Lithuanians want to live better, not to be ruined together with eastern authoritarianism. It is almost imposible to find a sober person, who loves Russia.

Thanks for the Kremlin which inspires us to protect our freedom. We are dealing with challenges. Politicians do not cope with it. The president was not protecting the freedom of the speech it seemed like she wanted to ignore this subject, because it is like a work of her “pocket” procurator. The chairwoman of the parliament, as always, saw not just her personal interests but also General Prosecutor’s interests, where the “underground accountancy” can be seen. The premier moves with the crowd. The fact that famous Lithuanian people tried to protect the freedom of the speech atones all the sin which were made by the chosen ones. The chosen ones should not be afraid of speaking loud about something that really makes them concerned, of course, if in this prison is exist something except money and ratings.

Freedom requires radical fight and this is the first lesson written in the “Declaration of human and civil rights”. When we are fighting for freedom, we have to be radical, because otherwise will be defeated by our enemies. The Kremlin invites go back to the past. We should sing a song together which Putin has prohibited singing during the “Eurovision” (as an analogue is a song about our independence) song contest “We don’t wanna Put in”.

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