Everybody fancies a „happily-ever-after“ love story. Moreover, the love story lasting for 75 years is what many of us will never experience and is surely worth recording.

Fred Stobaugh is 96 years old and still crazily in love with his wife Lorraine who unfortunately recently passed away. Fred saw an advertisement in the local newspaper that the Green Shoe Studio record company announced the songwriting contest and send them a handwritten song that he wrote to his wife to them. He was told that his song cannot participate in the contest because the studio accepted only digital formatted songs. However, Green Shoe Studio was so moved by the lyrics and the Fred and Lorraine’s love story that they decided to record his song anyway and also make a short documentary about it in the process.

Enjoy the song which expresses love and devotion. The songwriters and singers in the music industry nowadays sure have to learn many things from it.

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