„The ROOP“ music video „Hello“ .

Nowadays people do not only listen to music, but also watch music video clips. Music videos helps to understand songs better, it became easier to tell a story. Lithuanian musicians are as original and full of ideas as the most popular singers of the world.

We introduce 10 Lithuanian music videos. Even though these videos are not the most popular in the country, they are very authentic and some of them look like short films that tell amazing stories.

10. Freaks on Floor – „Star“

This music video starts with one man sitting in an empty office. When the song starts, he starts to dance like crazy. Musicians said, that this way they showed how to dance, when no one is watching. In this clip we can see Rokas Beliukevičius in big, fluffy moustache and his colleague Justinas Jarutis doing crazy dance moves in underwear.

“Freaks on Floor” are two times winners of the best rock band in Lithuania. Video was directed by Klementas Davidavičius and Laurynas Valkiūnas.

9. Rasabasa – „Interstellar“

Lithuanian-Norwegian band „Rasabasa“ is very unique, there is no music genre that could describe the music they make. This music video is a great reflection of the song itself – the video consist of various images of the space, spaceships, astronauts. This video reminds of an old science-fiction movie.

This music clip was directed by Saulius Baradinskas.

8. Neteisėtai padaryti – „Galvotas“

The band’s singers are two mimes. The way they communicate with the audience during their live shows is exactly how the mimes would behave – they play various games, are fully dressed as the mimes and makes their performances funny and unique. The music video “Galvotas” was directed by Justas Ramanauskas. In the video he showed a weird world – kids watch the behavior of adults. We can see adults play illegal card games, fights and all of the action is covered in smoke.

7. Vilniaus Energija – „IQ Daktaras“

This band was created with initiative of Lithuanian rapper Mesijus (Žygimantas Kudirka). “IQ daktaras” music video was also awarded with special jury price during the best Lithuanian music video competition. The video was directed by Andrius Paškevičius and in this clip he showed Lithuanian capital Vilnius in a different form. The city appeared as a huge post-apocalyptic hospital.

6. Wolfsome – „Home“

“Wolfsome” is a band from Kaunas and it is known by their unique music which is a mix of rock and roll, blues and hard rock. However, the song “Home” shows the soft side of the band. It is a romantic song and the music video is very romantic as well. The video was directed by Justas Ramanauskas too, but it is very different from the mimes video. It tells us a love story that is shown in the rehabilitation hospital. Moreover, this video won the best music video award in Lithuania.

5. The Roop – „Hello“

Band leader Vaidotas Valiukevičius encourages people to do be who they really are, fight bullying and destroy all the stereotypes. In the „Hello“ music video he tells real story of six different individuals, how they found the strength to become true themselves and reach for their dreams.

4. Vidas Bareikis – „Man Taip Patinka“

Song „Man taip Patinka“ became a huge hit in Lithuania. The video is as original as the song. In this clip he destroys all the stereotypes and clichés. The video was directed by Dalius Kederis and it is full of people who have very different appearance – some of them are overweight, some are very skinny, some have natural red hair. Furthermore, more than one hundred people worked on this music video.

3. Deeper Upper – „Unity“

This music video was directed by Saulius Baradinskas. The video tells the same story as the song does, it is greatly synchronized. The clip is full of various signs of unity that can be seen in every men’s life. Also, in the video we can see different types of relationships – heterosexual and interracial ones.

2. Sinickis – „Juokas Pro Ašaras“

Former member of the band called “Gravel” Tomas Sinickis in his music video “Juokas Pro Ašaras” tells a story about punks. They are shown as the group of people that have the worst living conditions and are affected by the government’s corruption the most. Punks are seeking for revenge, so they kidnap the most corrupted business men and politicians. The video is unique, the story shows the biggest troubles of the society. This video was directed by Justas Ramanauskas and it is as ironic and punk as the song itself.

1. Antikvariniai Kašpirovskio dantys – „Į Venesuelą“

The music videos this band creates are as original and colorful as the music they make. This music clip was directed by Saulius Baradinskas and it won the annual M.A.M.A award for the best music video of the year. This video tells a story about a man who is stuck in his routine and wants to get out of it so he goes to Venezuela. It is truly a comedy, very ironic and painfully relatable to a lot of people. Even though this song is about Venezuela, the music video was made here, in Lithuania’s town Trakai. Moreover, this music video reached Venezuela’s press.

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