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Probably everyone would agree that many countries have laws which seem completely weird and even funny. However, many people have no idea that some laws in certain states are completely irrational.

Have you ever thought about leading an elephant by a leash, bringing lion to the theatre or warning a person that you want to kill him before taking action because otherwise you will get to the prison for a serious crime? These and many others ridiculous laws amaze people. We present the most stupid and ridiculous laws in the world.

1. Saint – Louis’ fire-fighters are forbidden to rescue women who are naked or half-naked. Also, they cannot save women with robes or nightdresses. Imagine a situation when your room flames out and you still have to dress up because otherwise the fire-fighters will risk their own freedom.

2. Kentucky women cannot stand in highway wearing just a bathing suit unless she is accompanied by the two policemen and having a spade in her hands. The only exception is for women whose weight is less than 40 kilo or more than 90 kilo. It seems that woman’s sexuality can kill the drivers, but what about the spade? …

3. California it is forbidden: 1) to wear cowboy boots for people who have less than two cows; 2) to cry in the court while giving the testimony; 3) to lick frogs and toads; 4) to wash cars using second-hand underwear. I wonder whether there are people who ever broke these laws.

4. Alaska it is forbidden to give alcohol to salmon and moose. Also, there you cannot eject moose from a plane. Probably, people in Alaska were extremely caring because they used alcohol to protect animals from cold. However, the government became concerned about animal welfare and made sure no moose is getting drunk.

5. England pregnant woman can pee anywhere, even in the policeman’s hat if it is necessary. If a man wants to pee in a public place, he has to do this on his car’s front wheel and to keep right hand on a car.

6. Florida: 1) a woman who died in a bath because she carelessly used electronic devices, has to pay 100 dollar fine. 2) Unmarried women cannot make parachute jump wearing bathing-suit but only on Sundays. 3) It is not allowed to sing wearing a bathing suit, ride a skateboard without a number or take a shower naked. Also, there is a limited extent of family scandals – according to special state regulations, people can break no more than three plates per day. 4) If you leave an elephant in the street in Florida, you have to pay a parking fee.

7. Israel it is forbidden to bring a bear to the beach. I wonder if there are people who would bring the bear for company.

8. In Friday 13th comes, all black cats in Indiana have to wear warning jingles. Poor cats… If they do not wear a jingle, they will have to spend the night in a cooler.

9. Nebraska, as you know, is a desert land but there you cannot hunt whales. Besides, hairdressers cannot eat onions and garlic from 7am to 7 pm. Also, you will get a fine if your child starts to hiccup in the church. Conclusions – do not look for whales while you are in the desert and no children in the church!

10. In Texas it is forbidden: 1) to take more than free sips of beer while you are standing; 2) to shoot buffalo from the second floor of a hotel. The government also regulates issues related to your shoes – for example, if you want to walk barefoot, you should buy a special license which costs 5 dollars. I wonder how often people who drink more than three sips of beer while standing are punished and who reports them to the authorities?

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