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One of the biggest American internet television companies Netflix has their partnership with 130 countries. Fans of Hollywood movies and TV shows have an opportunity to watch most popular and newest films and TV series in HD only for a symbolic monthly payment on the Netflix website.

We present to you the list of TOP 10 Netflix original shows.

10. Sense8

Creators of “Matrix” trilogy and “Cloud Atlas” movies presented their new works exclusively to the internet users. “Sense8” has elements of science fiction and tells a story about eight strangers that are related in one special thing. This connection is not fixed and changes as time passes. On the other hand, all of the eight people can read each other’s minds and feel physical and emotional pain. According to creators, this show deals with themes that most of the artists are afraid to talk about. Amongst characters there are homosexual, poor people, suffering from conventions, also people who are faking their lives because of hatred.

While characters are trying find out why and how they are related, there appears to be a person that is trying to “hunt” these special ones using their own powers and reading their minds. Further analysis of characters and their lives comes with every episode. Stronger bond and at the same time disjuncture of some is established. This show has a high rating of 8.4 on IMDb and certainly will not leave pococurante.

9. Marvel’s Jessica Jones

Based on the comic book with the same title, series “Jessica Jones” is perfect for superhero lovers. This is the second work of Marvel and Netflix teams which tells a story about former superhero Jessica, who is about to open her detective firm. Extremely painful life events make the main character to close up and create cold and unbeatable shield around her, which gives this show some mysteriousness.

Throughout the whole series, main goal of this hero is to kill Kilgrave, an antihero who, in the early prehistory of this show, kidnapped Jessica and made her do horrible things while controlling her with his mind. It reminds a game between a cat and a mouse and delicately frames the problem of sexual and psychological abuse. Without creating an open fight, makers of this show allow the viewer to see into the life of the hero. At the same time researching new cases, Jessica tries to develop new life for herself. The plot of the series is about a different hero than we normally are used to see.

8. Lilyhammer

It is a TV show about a gangster of New York who is trying to create a new life in a small remote town of Norway called Lilyhammer. Everything starts when he agrees to testify against dangerous gangster and therefore is placed in a victim protection program. With his request, he is transferred to Lilyhammer which he saw on the TV and where the Olympics of 1994 took place. Because of the changed living place, he had to change his identity too – from Frank Tagliano he becomes Giovanni Henriksen with a clean past.

Later he has an affair with a local teacher, who has a son, and she starts suspecting him of hiding something. Giovanni uses harsh methods, blackmail and violence to establish in Lilyhammer. This is a fun, light and quite different show about an American gangster in a small Norwegian town in the middle of the winter. Praised by critics and viewers, “Lilyhammer” is on the tops of charts for a long time now.

7. Marco Polo

“Marco Polo” is one of the most expensive TV shows ever, which charmes by its exceptional characters and uncommon script. It is a historical drama based on the adventures of famous explorer Marco Polo. Through the course of the series, viewers will be introduced to the 13th century China and its famous warriors. It would not be possible to show all the adventures of this explorer in one show thus only the interesting and involving story of Marco Polo and his acquaintance with the powerful Mongolian leader Kublai Khan is presented with all of its struggles to keep the power of his empire.

Even though this show is being watched by a lot of people, critics are not so favorable for “Marco Polo”. All in all, it is impossible to look away from the amazing Asian nature and good looking fighters.

6. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The prediction of apocalypse took away from Kimmy Schmidt 15 years of her life when she was kidnapped and locked in a bunker by a leader of apocalyptic cult. When she finally is rescued , she is 29 years old. Kimmy is full of optimism and is praised by the outside world. She is ready to lose her “woman-mole” label and after leaving her childhood town, moves to New York. Kimmy moves in to an apartment with pretty stupid, strange, and “upcoming” Broadway star Titus Andromedon and his friendly criminal landlord Lillian Kaustshtupper. She gets a job as a nanny, personal assistant, and a masseuse of a dog in a very rich family of Voorhees. Members of family are neurotic narcissist Jacqueline, psychopath husband-to-be Buckley, and Xanthippe, hard tempered teenager.

Once it “accelerates”, show becomes very funny. Humor is based on cultural phenomenon which happened at least two years ago. This original series is not only funny but also unexpected where dark humor competes with bright color palette and this combination does not let to be bored.

5. Bloodline

Positively rated by film critics, “Bloodline” is considered to be one of the best Netflix original series. Show tells a story about the Rayburn family which has a beach hotel in Florida. When their oldest son Danny comes back home for the 45th anniversary of the hotel, he finds out the darkest secrets of their family clan and starts a conflict between its members. When Danny is arrested for his criminal activity, he threatens to do the same with other family members and reveal their illegal acts.

Intrigue and dark family secrets give this show some energy and mystifying dialogues involve one into the show and do not let go until it is finished. This is just another bite for thriller and detective fans which already has a lot of positive responses.

4. Daredevil

To be disappointed by the new Netflix show “Daredevil” is just impossible. It is about a lawyer Matt Murdock who became blind in his early childhood when an acid from a truck got into his eyes. Growing up with a hard working father, Matt realized that his blindness made his other senses stronger and he used them for his benefit – fighting evil in New York, to be precise in his neighborhood called Hell’s Kitchen.

With the help of the flashbacks to Matt’s past, screenwriters show how and why he became who he is now. Most important moments of his childhood, his relations with father, guardians, and teachers, are portrayed very subtly. Biggest attention “Daredevil” gives to the psychology of the characters that is either being formed or is revealed right on the screen. Creators of this series were able to find the perfect balance between serious psychological drama and cheerful action and we should enjoy that. The experiment of Marvel did more that it was expected from it and good ratings of “Daredevil” clearly show that.

3. Orange is The New Black

Kind of strange but at the same time witty and emotional series gives us a glimpse at the so unusual for the screens life in the women prison with a dash of love. Physical aggression is hard to find here but other forms of it, such as psychological assault are on every corner especially because like everywhere else there are certain rules that have to be followed and if not – severe consequences await.

Sentenced to a Litchfield correctional facility because of the criminal activity ten years ago, main character confronts not only the problems of adaptation or bullying. She starves, is persecuted, and sexually harassed. For the dirty jobs her ex-girlfriend made her do, Piper now has to serve her sentence in a cold and hopeless cell.

Series “Orange is The New Black” is based on the Piper Kerman book of memoirs with the same title where the main character’s and the author’s biographies are almost identical. Show is well thought, every detail is polished carefully and shine like gold in ashes. If you are familiar with a subtle humor, with harsh life experiences, this series is a perfect companion during long winter evenings.

2. Narcos

Based on true facts, Netflix presents a story of Columbia’s “cocaine king” Pablo Escobar where his survival and fall, blood war between DEA agents and famous Madellin Cartel is portrayed. Brutal, convincing, colorful, and intriguing new show will be appreciated by the fans of this genre. Parts of documentaries are seen in the series which will make us think that “Narcos” is not just a production of television but a documentary of a hard phase for Columbia when country was on the verge of civil war, when streets were painted with blood, and when billionaires of cocaine wanted to become the governmental elite.

Criminal acts done and revealed by the drug clan shock even more when you know that most of the episodes are based on true facts. It is recommended to spare not a small amount of time for this show’s watching as you definitely will not be able to get away from the screen.

1.  House of Cards

When on the first day of February 2013 Netflix presented their creation titled “House of Cards”, the life in America sort of stopped. It is a political drama whose center is Kevin Spacey. He plays a character called Francis J. “Frank” Underwood. With the help of presidential election campaign for Garret Walker, he hopes to become Secretary of State but his plans are ruined by White House Chief of Staff Linda Vasquez. She announced that this will not be happening as they already have another candidate for that position. Furious of Garret’s betrayal, Frank decides to start complicated war full of manipulation against G. Walker.

If Kevin Spacey and David Fincher meet in one place, the possibility of movie or show not to be successful is very low. We recommend this intriguing, mixture of manipulations, hatred, and set goals, which will bring you to the twisted world of politics.

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