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Brand is an integral part of company which makes any products or provides services.

Mostly, company’s marketing specialists and designers spend a lot of stressful hours or even sleepless nights to create an exclusive and the essence of the product representing logo. Than company’s leadership discuses about likely brands, compares their advantages, disadvantages, and potential in different markets.

However, sometimes the personnel of company or institution takes brand creating process without responsibility and spend some details through the eyes. At times there are just carelessly working designers with sense of black humour, as well.

So let’s look at 10 the most impressive mistakes of design:

worst brands 2

Somewhat ambiguous logo of the Catholic organisation in Los Angeles

worst brands 3

The Office of Government Commerce (OGC) logo

worst brands 4

The logo of Polish television service “MON-SAT”

worst brands 5

Arlington Pediatric Center’s logo

worst brands 6

Dental clinic

worst brands 7


worst brands 8

Dancing school

worst brands 9

It’s difficult to say what company here is…

worst brands 10

Kudawara Pharmacy

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