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“I hate my job!” – this is a phrase you hear often.

Stress, long working hours, oppressiveness, monotony, piles of blank documents on a table… That sounds unattractive, but have you ever thought that there are job worse than that?

They don’t have to sit in small cabinets, fill piles of documents, have disagreements with colleagues or have overtime. However, their job still is unenviable and ugly. There are jobs you even can’t imagine existed. These jobs make you think that your complaints about job are exaggerated. So, here is the top 10 of the worst job ever.

1. Whales’ feces tester

They have to collect whale’s feces in order to examine diseases, hormones level, to decide if female is pregnant. That doesn’t sound very ugly, but have you thought how unpleasant is to wait while a whale starts to empty one’s bowels, and that waiting time is a part of working hours.

2. Animal masturbator

Yes, you read it correctly. When scientists need animals’ sperm and neither electric probe, nor fake vagina work, only an old fashion way is left – masturbate an animal using hand. Do you still hate your job?

3. Diver in dangerous waste

Diving in oceans or looking at fish is a pleasure. However, the divers have to do their job in other places: waste pits, sewerage mains, cellulose reservoir. They dive there in order to change pipes, find drowned persons or stuff. Smell and harm for health are out of question.

4. Elephants’ inseminator

Elephant is the largest land animal in the world. This job is dangerous because one hand is not enough. In this job elephants’ inseminator has to use a half of his body. Yes, you read it correctly. If an animal wants to empty one’s bowels, there is a possibility to smother.

5. Adult movie’s theater cleaner

You may be happy after such job offer because you will be able to watch adult movies for free. However, there is an ugly disadvantage in this job – the things you have to clean after movie…

6. Odor tester

Body odor is one of the most unpleasant smells, especially, if a person sitting next to you has just left a gym. However, there are people who earn money from smelling other people’s armpits. These people work in companies who produce deodorants and antiperspirants. A task for workers is to smell the tested people’s armpits which are sprayed with manufactured product, and to record how smell varies during the day. To my mind, you start to think that you have a great job.

7. Buckingham Palace Guard
To be the Buckingham Palace guard is a honorable job, although that is really annoying. The guard has to stand hours without talking, laughing, and has to have a flawless look. They have to stand jeering, kids’ harassment, nose tweaking and etc. Not mentioning the fact that the guards can’t go to a toilet, are tired or don’t feel well.

8. Medicine entomologist

Medicine entomologists explore insects that occur and breed in dead bodies. The knowledge they gain is used in criminal investigations or murder cases. Many people are disgusted with insects, and to dissect them isn’t a job of dreams.

9. Dead animals’ bodies on the road collector
It is another job that is related with dead bodies. People who have this profession have to collect bodies of animals in order to avoid a bigger disaster. Throughout the day you are driving in highways and like in a hunt you are looking for a prey. That definitely doesn’t sound nice.

10. Smell evaluator
In this job people have to do odd experiments. For example they have to smell a few persons’ gases and evaluate the smell strength or weakness. By the way, we have to thank them because if not they, we wouldn’t know the fact that we fart 13, 6 times per day.

Mano Darbas

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