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Viktoria Modesta recently shocked the pop world with her energy and charisma. She has a career in both fashion and music industries and she is ready to change old-fashioned views about disabled people. Ladies and gentlemen, model and first bionic pop singer in the world – Viktoria Modesta.

Viktoria was born in Latvia, in 1987, but when she was 12 years old, she moved to U.K. with her family. When she was 20, Viktoria had to undergo an amputation of her left leg. She had a birth defect with her leg because of the doctor’s fault and she had a lot of difficulty walking. Some people might think that this is dramatic, but since she was little, Viktoria knew that she won’t put up with her difficulties. She always felt uncomfortably being disabled and because of that, she was inspired to create a new space for alternative musicians, artists and designers. She said that “it’s time to end the moral discussions about disability and let the disabled people join the world of art, music and fashion”.

Viktoria wanted to have a career in music and fashion industries since she was little. She started an alternative fashion model career when she was 15 and she still models nowadays. Viktoria wants to change the concept of sexuality and beauty in society and she encourages people to me more open and brave to experiment with their beauty and sexuality. Her secrets to success are unique facial features and courage to be herself.

Her music career is also evolving – shortly after Viktoria started singing in 2009, she was nominated as one of the best ‘non-label’ singers in the U.K. She also sang with Coldplay at the closing ceremony of 2012 London Paralympic games. In 2014, she released a music video called “Prototype”, where she questioned the traditional perception of beauty, strength and artistry. “I was not able to become a part of a pop culture because of my leg. People must think that you cannot be a successful artist or a musician if you are disabled. Your achievements will be valued only in the field of sport, nowhere else”, says Viktoria. She asked herself: “why there are no disabled people in pop culture and art?” and decided to change this situation.

Viktoria’s motto – confidence, persistence and power of will. She is a living example of the fact that our life depends only on us and belongs to us.


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