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In Lithuania there has been an increase in the number of articles, commentaries, speeches made by famous and influential people as to why homosexuality is a “disease” and a “deviation” from the norm. Searching for foreign experts ideas underlying the fact that this is not normal. I would like to discuss the substantive criticisms, and to show how these views differ from reality.

First of all, the claim that homosexuality is a deviation from the norm, is not a good enough reason to deny homosexuals the right to conclude a partnership agreement. For example a high IQ is a deviation from the norm, yet is not frowned upon.

Patients with cancer or diabetes, which also differs from the norm, do not face as much hate as homosexuals. One can think of many such examples. Even so, the conclusion will be the same. Even if scientists are ever able to prove this theory of “abnormalities”, people who hate homosexuals, do not hate all people. Thus, this argument is non-negotiable. From a social science perspective: the question of normality itself is abnormal because if all people become equal, they are not people.

Next: people often say that homosexuality will be recognized if the public will accept these people as full members of their own society. This is done through a number of practical arguments, Gender Loops programs, and homosexuality propaganda. Ostensibly, a fairy tale about two princes, all the children will make changes orientation.

Surprisingly, or maybe just sad, most Lithuanians do not monitor what is happening in the world. However it is difficult to imagine an American series without a gay context. Americans reflect abundantly and have never heard that it would destroy their country. In addition, there is no scientific indication that the attempt to understand the two princes, can injure children. But given that, this reasoning only involves totally blunt people, not even worth discussing.

I would advise you to go to a psychologist and ask whether it is realistic when people continuously broadcast over the pedophilia case and whether or not it is a risk to have the number of pedophiles increase?

Among the critics there are far more absurd assertions. For example, people disappear, because nobody replicate, however Lithuania can not afford to disappear. Noone cares that million people emigrated from Lithuania. There should be a lot of homosexuals to destroy the nation in that way. On the other hand, maybe a lot homosexuals migrated because they understood that hatred for them in the near future definitely not going to become smaller. Only brave people are able to defend the weaker, though it has always been at least intellectuals honor code – not to defend any country, no nation, no ideologies and empires and to protect those who are most attacked.

I wonder how the average Lithuanian brings forward these contradictions of “freedom” and the need to reproduce? Maybe it should be all heterosexual couples do not have children, keep the nation and the state destroyers? But they do not keep, therefore, this criticism is absurd.

There is still primitive proof that homosexuals only communicate with each other about sex, that they have sex in perverse ways. This is an especially ridiculous claim – since heterosexual couples engage in oral sex and anal sex. And if a heterosexual performs these types of sex do people hate them? The answer is no. However, this criticism of gay couples having perverted sex might only be in Lithuania.It is still hard to come up from the washtub and laws of Soviet totalitarianism. All these statements are a poor attempt at truing to control the gay population and should be easily recognized as that by any educated person.

However, I would like to emphasize that not only criticism should be ruled out. The question after all is: why the hate? There are several possible answers, which usually goes omnium-gatherum and complement each other.

Lithuania still has many unpopular liberal ideas. Lithuanians are more interested in someone to teach conservative view points, to ensure what and how to live, to interfere in the lives of others, regulate it, post comments, condemn, and despise. It treats poor people as if their lives are boring and meaningless. However, these people are the greatest teachers.

The idea that you can choose how to live your own life has yet to reach Lithuania. Being the undercover nation and the preservation of the state is almost comical. A more honest viewpoint of this nation and the state can be seen as rather similiar to Nazi Germany. If you hate there is not a “deviation from the norm” and “normal”. Everyone seems to forget that it’s about what the people want and the kind of lives they deserve to live.

To purify the Aryan race was Hitler’s great goal. It seemed to him that he was doing the right thing, for everyone else and people today are acting the same way, even at the expense of innocent people. Once upon a time, Lithuanians, with the help of a political activist, were free to kill Jews and some of the homosexual population because our country has always hated them.

Why is this the case though? For many illogical and silly arguments they blamed the Jews. As of now, all Lithuanian disasters are blamed on homosexuals. However, then was the killing of innocent people and I hope it will not escalate to that today. I think even the famous intellectuals appear to be very stupid and say that the idea of the state and the nation is greater than freedom. Obstensibly, a person must endure to the nation and the state. Therefore, I am fully aware of who has emigrated to friends and friends who have returned here but are unsure of what to do.

In my opinion, Lithuania does not grow in any sense whether it be economically, culturally or intellectually. Recently seen funny carnival family, where he lifted N. Venckiene immunity, demonstrates once again: we live in very difficult times, when the murder suspect, allegedly discovered unexpected evidence that his daughter was raped, becomes a national hero. Although I had intimate relations between her mother (who was a minor at the time) and told to get an abortion. This is what’s considered a normal situation in Lithuania.

In addition, we can see such a web smart guys who assigns a homosexual child molestation, which was denied by the world ages ago. Most children are raped in the children home, dysfunctional families. Does anyone feel hatred for them? Well, of course not. After all, it is important for Lithuania, they give the new citizens. Could any rapist kill and become the nation’s hero?

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