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Some argue for a long time now that internet is addictive. It is just that this addiction does not cause physiological experiences but rather psychological ones.

I have noticed that some people cannot live without internet for a couple of hours, not to mention that some cannot even take 15 minutes without it. When “Facebook” became “a must” worldwide, young people especially became addicted to it. If you did not have a “Facebook” account, your friends would have not understood how that is even possible – there are so many interesting things there.

You often hear that this particular social website takes a lot of precious time and decreases self-esteem in real life because the virtual one becomes so much easier and acceptable. Such simple examples as updating your status every times something happens in your life, collecting “likes” which are now called “emotional strokes”, let us assume that a person becomes addicted to “Facebook”, however, as all addicts he does not admit this. So what are these ten signs that you are addicted to “Facebook”?

1. First thing you do when you wake up – check “Facebook”

If the first thing you do once you open your eyes from night’s sleep is checking your profile without any serious reason instead of thinking about work, school, or studying, you should really think about it as the first sign of addiction.

2. If you don’t have the opportunity to check “Facebook”, you become anxious and disturbed

I often hear: “I did not check “Facebook” all day, it is time for it now” or “I will be in nature all weekend, so I will not have the possibility to check “Facebook”, don’t text me there”. The lack of “Facebook” should not be stressful.

3. Being on the bet that you can spent less time on “Facebook”

People sometimes bet that they can stay out of “Facebook” for extended periods of time. What is it for? Why can’t they just close the “Facebook” window without any kind of betting?

4. Once you find out something about new event or person, you try to find it on “Facebook”

There is nothing wrong with that. It is just that some people don’t even think about the alternative sources of information.

5. When you open your internet browser and automatically enter “Facebook” address

You can laugh at this but I saw it many times when a person is talking about one website and then automatically enters “Facebook” and jokes: “It is a habit”. It only shows how addictive this website really is.

6. Your personal life becomes public

It is kind of weird when you start sharing everything about your personal life on this website like it is some kind of diary. Except “Facebook” is not the diary and everyone can see everything. It is supposed to be that you only share personal stuff with the closest people. Sharing almost every personal detail of your life with a bunch of people you may not know that well seems a little strange.

7. You are more satisfied with being on “Facebook” than living in the real world

You call this person “friend” on “Facebook” without even knowing him in the real life? You tell your friends you don’t have time to meet and instead you always “online”? You feel cooler online than in the reality? Get off “Facebook” – you are becoming addicted and ruining relations with your real friends.

8. You become a person you are not in your “Facebook” account

The prettiest pictures of you get many compliments and “likes” on “Facebook” but in real life you do not feel so attractive and beautiful? You discuss a lot, share interesting thoughts but you keep your mouth shut when surrounded by people? Reveal yourself in reality; don’t be addicted to “Facebook”.

9. You sacrifice all of your spare time to finish some game you started playing on “Facebook”

Yes, you can also call it an addiction to computer games but I bet you heard this game on “Facebook” called “Farmville”. There is even this commercial about internet plan which makes fun of this game. In this commercial a dad of this little girl goes to the neighbor and begs her to put the internet back on because his daughter cannot take care of her “Farmville”. Taking care of the farm in real life is much more important and fulfilling. Help your parents to do housework instead of playing on “Facebook”.

10. You spent hours browsing “Facebook”

If you can wait 30 minutes till someone texts you, spent the whole hour watching friend’s pictures and status updates, play the games for a half of the day – it means you are addicted to “Facebook”. It is time to think that you are wasting your time which you could spend for your personal improvements in real life.

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